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Showing: Austin Lee – “Serious Works” @ Kaikai Kiki Gallery

On March 3rd, Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Motoazabu, Tokyo, opened a debut Japan solo exhibition by American artist Austin Lee. Serious Works is sort of a parody title for a show that consists of paintings and sculptures done in Lee’s colorful, naive style. For this showcase, the NYC-based artist created an extensive installation within the gallery space. His large animal mural and chess board floor pattern make an eclectic environment in which his playful and poppy imagery feels at home and well presented. His sculptural piece titled Duo, a bubble gum-like […]

Previews: Ray Caesar – “The Trouble With Angels” @ Dorothy Circus

On February 15th, Ray Caesar (interviewed 2011, 2013) will be opening his first European solo exhibition at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome. Entitled The Trouble With Angels, the show will feature new and old works from the Canada-based artist, created painstakingly with 3D modeling programs and released as limited editions and one offs. Featuring surreal characters and backgrounds that appear innocent and sinister at the same time, much of his imagery is influenced by what he has seen from his time working at a children’s hospital as […]

Openings: Laurie Lee Brom, Ransom & Mitchell, and Sail @ Roq la Rue

Not to be outdone after last month’s Baxter Collection show, art was once again packed to the rafters at Roq la Rue for the first show of fall, or as it has been dubbed, Roqtober! In her first solo gallery show, titled Moonlight, Magnolias, and Madness, Laurie Lee Brom brings us her soft touch while strolling through a moonlit bayou. Hints of fantasy abound as insects and animals provide whimsical interactions with their female subjects. Several of Laurie’s family and friends were at the opening, including […]
Ray Caesar x Theonepointeight 22

Openings: Ray Caesar @ Corey Helford (Circa)

Last weekend, CHG Circa presented a survey of the work of Ray Caesar (interviewed) – past and present. Featuring a mix of older limited editions as well as all new works, the Toronto-based digital artist reacquainted his fans in Los Angeles with his disturbing and surreal portraiture. One of the rare artists we feature who has made the unconventional medium a success, Caesar has proven his unusual and unique vision shines through no matter how he choses to express it. Peruse more from out photo set below… Photo credit: ©Theonepointeight. […]

Preview: Ray Caesar @ CHG Circa

This Saturday night (April 13th), Ray Caesar (interviewed) will be unveiling imaginative new works mixed in with images from the past at CHG Circa in Culver City. His surreal and oftentimes disturbing digital works are painstakingly created in three-dimsional modeling programs and then staged in detailed environments. These are then released as limited editions in a chosen orientation and because of the freedoms afforded by this process, his three new pieces also have accompanying smaller cropped versions. Take a look at more preview images below… Discuss this show here. […]

Upcoming: Ray Caesar @ CHG Circa

On the 13th of April, CHG Circa will be hosting a new solo from digital specialist Ray Caesar (interviewed). The exhibition looks to be the Toronto-based artist’s first major showing in Los Angeles since his special engagement in Beverly Hills last December at Stephen Webster. Fallen (seen above) is just a sample of the emotive and surreal works that can be expected to be seen at the opening from the digital painter. Discuss this show here. Discuss Ray Caesar here.

Preview: Ray Caesar @ KochxBos Gallery

The last collection of works from Ray Caesar (interviewed) we saw up close and personal was at a special showing in Beverly Hills last December at Stephen Webster. Dutch fans will get the same opportunity this weekend (December 15th) as the Toronto-based artist will be presenting his digital masterpieces at the KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam. The recently relocated gallery will be home to new pieces like The Manager, Tea with Me and He, We Three Kings, Gift of Love, Gift of Time, and Gift of Joy featuring interactions […]