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Viewpoints: A Reading of Boris Hoppek’s Obama Beach Ball

The following article is a guest post by friend of AM, Peter Bengtsen. He wrote this essay for us after seeing the release of Boris Hoppek’s Obama Beach Ball, the resultant opinions that have been broadcast on the internet in response to the artwork, and the political motivations of the artist himself. We hope you enjoy the article, and that it may bring some clarity both to Hoppek’s project, and a context to this work as part of the artist’s output. Make up your own […]

FAME Festival ’11: Sam3

In our continuing coverage of this year’s FAME Festival, we now bring you the work of Sam3. Last seen in Poland and Madrid with his more traditional, nature-inspired murals, the Spanish street artist tried something completely different in the streets of Grottaglie. In perhaps a deliberate – or not – riff on VOINA’s infamous Dick Captured by KGB street action, the abstracted lines of spray paint assemble together like a jigsaw puzzle when viewed from an upstairs bathroom window, where the sizable piece is realized […]

Fame Festival ’11: Escif

Escif recently made the stop in Grottaglie for some last minute additions as the Fame Festival opening will roll around in the next couple weeks (see other artists who have already have done their part here). In addition to this giant tiger, the Spanish street artist also worked on some walls with his signature characters as well as a text-based piece. More after the jump…

Fame Fest ‘ 11: NeSpoon

As the opening (Sept. 24th) of the Fame Festival draws nearer, the last few artists will be touching down to put their mark on the walls of Grottaglie. The most recent visitor was Polish artist NeSpoon and she stayed for 3 weeks, taking advantage of the unique history of the town and learning some new techniques from a local ceramics master. She spent her time in the streets using a variety of methods to get her message across including stencils, ceramic installs, and lace. The […]

FAME Festival ’11: Vhils

Plaster, concrete, paper, wood – where other people see construction materials and tools, the visionary Vhils sees art. After working on a wall outside of the Post No Bills gallery in the States in conjunction with the European Bailout Show (covered), the Lisbon-based street artist traveled to Italy to do his part for the annual Fame Fest. Take a look at some of the other pieces he produced while in town as well as a video of some of the shenanigans that went down.

FAME Festival ’11: Ericailcane

As is often the case, where Blu goes, his compatriot Ericailcane goes. We only brought you the “billiard table” mural from Blu yesterday but actually they both visited Southern Italy together this year to get up for the FAME Festival. Here is the one of the walls Ericailcane hit up, definitely one of the sweetest pieces we have ever seen from him and his siganture illustrative style. Another view and another wall after the jump…

FAME Festival ’11: Blu

It looks like the big guns are starting to hit up Grottaglie as we get closer to this year’s FAME Festival. After bringing you Moneyless and Cyop & Kaf, we are happy to say Italian superstar Blu has painted his mural in town of a giant billiard table.  Of course, with him things are not always what they seem.  Take a closer look after the jump…

Fame Festival ’11: Cyop & Kaf

Second (first was Moneyless) to hit the streets of Grottaglie for this year’s Fame Festival are Cyop & Kaf. Continuing where they left off from last year’s event, the duo from Naples continued getting up around town with their bizarre imagery although their efforts weren’t without complications. AM is looking forward to seeing more artists stop in on the small Italian town as we draw closer to the opening of what we consider one of the best annual street art festivals in Europe. More photos […]

Teaser / Streets: FAME Festival ’11 – Moneyless (Grottaglie)

As the first artist to make his mark in Italy for the epic urban art festival FAME, Teo Pirisi (aka Moneyless) recently spent a week in the quaint town of Grottaglie, building up the local landscape with a series of his free floating geometric art installations in preparation for the outdoor art gathering that culminates in September. Examining the relationship between materials and design, the Italian artist transforms simple string into industrial architectural forms, often situating them in the rural countryside or derelict metropolitan structures. […]