As the opening (Sept. 24th) of the Fame Festival draws nearer, the last few artists will be touching down to put their mark on the walls of Grottaglie. The most recent visitor was Polish artist NeSpoon and she stayed for 3 weeks, taking advantage of the unique history of the town and learning some new techniques from a local ceramics master. She spent her time in the streets using a variety of methods to get her message across including stencils, ceramic installs, and lace.

The wall seen above is entitled Sterntaler, her most personal to date and also a self-portrait. It is based on a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm and she states “This mural has the power to fulfill wishes. Anyone who stands near him, may make the wish. If he/she really, really want it, the dream come true. I promise.”

More photos of her work for the Fame Festival after the jump…

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