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Fame Fest ’10: Slinkachu

Probably one of the last artists (see other artists here) to stop by Grottaglie before the Fame Festival opening next weekend is street miniature photographer Slinkachu. The London-based artist worked his magic with his street installations in the Italian town that would probably go unnoticed if you didn’t know where to look. Fortunately, he documents and photographs his clever works for all to enjoy. More pics after the jump…

Fame Fest ’10: Escif

Angelo, mastermind behind Studiocromie and the Fame Festival, has seen his fair share of street artists and their work. So, when he’s impressed with the level of addiction a certain artist has to painting walls, you know that’s saying something. The latest artist to roll through Grottaglie is the Spain-based Escif, whose prolific work we are sure you are familiar with by now. More after the jump…

Fame Fest ’10: Word to Mother

When we referred to a look at Word to Mother (interviewed) studio several days ago, we mentioned he was in Italy working on his efforts for the Fame Festival. Well, here is a look now at the murals he put up while in Grottaglie. He also found time to work on an installation for the gallery show and some hand finished (with watercolor) screenprints. More pics after the jump…

Fame Fest ’10: Nunca

Another great street artist, Nunca, has started attacking the walls of Grottaglie for this year’s Fame Festival. Set to open in September, it appears that Brazil will have another representative with this expansive mural holding judgment on those in the Italian town that have profited from the earth. More pics after the jump…

Fame Fest ’10: Blu

Looks like Italian street sensation Blu has arrived in Grottaglia for this year’s Fame Festival. Like last year, the artist decided to take aim at some local political issues with this large mural. One of the issues of contention with residents of the small town are the special waste dumps that are being built there without their input or permission. This piece cleverly inserts some local imagery with the olive trees that are prevalent in the area and the signature ceramic dishes that are produced […]

Fame Fest ’10: Os Gemeos

Vhils, Swoon, and Ben Wolf have already all left their mark in Grottaglie for this years Fame Festival. Looks like next up on the list are Os Gemeos as they they took in the sights of the Italian town as well as left some sights of their own. Not sure if this stop in their hectic travel schedule was before or after their efforts in Lisbon… More pics after the jump…

Fame Festival ’10: Vhils

After Swoon (interviewed) kicked things off for this year’s Fame Festival, it appears that the versatile Vhils has arrived in Italy. As one of the many participants from the stellar lineup this year, the Portugal based artist will be working on street pieces as well as a new print for the show. More images after the jump…

FAME Festival ’10: Swoon

Well, shortly after announcing their lineup for 2010, this year’s FAME Festival is already underway. First to arrive were Swoon (interviewed) and Ben Wolf to participate in this annual Italian celebration of street art (take a look at our coverage of the 2009 event here). Unfortunately, Wolf’s work was destroyed before it was photographed but here are some photos of Swoon pasting up an old chapel as well as other parts of town. More images after the jump.

Teaser: FAME Festival 2010

Studiocromie has released a tentative lineup to their 2010’s FAME Festival, the annual outdoor art event where urban and contemporary artists visit the streets of Grottaglie to create tremendous murals and installations (See last years coverage). The official show should open to the public on September 25th. Check out the lineup after the jump.

FAME Festival – A Tour Through the Monastery

After months of following the goings on at Italy’s FAME Fest (see our coverage here), AM decided to take a trip to Grottaglie to find out if all those pieces were really as incredible as they appeared. Let’s just say that we were far from disappointed. From the murals painted within the ancient monastery and on the walls around town to the fantastic private preview dinner and packed opening night reception showcasing work from all the artists, FAME is every street art fan’s dream come true. […]