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Streets: Da Mental Vaporz (France)

We had only caught up with French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz in Copenhagen at the end of August at the Galore Festival and now they are already onto their next project. After returning to their home country, the members traveled to Brest to do their part for the Crimes of Minds festival with one of the best collaborative murals we have seen in a while. Each artist was able to maintain their distinctive style yet the whole was greater than the sum of the […]

Teaser: FriendsWithYou – “In The Beginning” @ Colette

Starting tomorrow, August 29th, Miami collective FriendsWithYou (who just exhibited in New York) will be showing at the Colette in Paris. In The Beginning will feature bronze sculptures, a series of graphic illustrations, including some in-store exclusives, an animated video, and a small world of pets magic gifts and limited editions all presented with the childlike innocence and geometric mastery the duo is known for. After hitting up France, FWY will be headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil as guest speakers at the BOOMSPDESIGN annual conference. Discuss Friends […]

Preview / Studio Visit: Jeff Soto for “Les Enfants TERRIBLES” (Lyon)

Last week, AM was invited over to visit Jeff Soto (interviewed) in his new studio in Riverside. The multi-purpose complex not only housed his workspace and office but also a tattoo parlor, a clothing line, as well as the office of childhood friend Maxx242. We were looking forward to seeing some new paintings from Jeff, seeing as he was surrounded by other creative talents. What you see above is some of the work he will be bringing to Lyon during the opening week of the Lyon Biennale for […]