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Benefit: “Idea for the Here and Now” @ Fountain Fair

Christina Ray Gallery (formerly Glowlab) and Fountain Art Fair are behind an unique group exhibition to benefit Transformazium, an emerging collaborative arts center in Braddock, Pennsylvania. The show, called “Idea for the Here and Now,” will feature prints by David Ellis, Steve Powers, Jose Parla, Swoon and others based on the idea of “the transformation of resources into tangible social and economic benefits for small communities and the world at large.” The limited edition screenprints were all hand-pulled at the Braddock Screen Printing Shop, and […]

Openings: Alex Lukas – “The Eventuality of Daybreak” @ Glowlab

We recently stopped by Glowlab in NYC to check out “The Eventuality of Daybreak,” the new body of work from Alex Lukas. The solo exhibition from the Philly-based artist revealed a batch of works that highlighted desolate apocalyptic landscapes of major cities which depict a possible near future where these metropolises are literally submerged through coastal flooding. Alex works with various techniques including acrylic, ink, silkscreen, gouache to get his images and points across. The work was not only intricately put together, but also reasonably priced. If you’re […]