Christina Ray Gallery (formerly Glowlab) and Fountain Art Fair are behind an unique group exhibition to benefit Transformazium, an emerging collaborative arts center in Braddock, Pennsylvania. The show, called “Idea for the Here and Now,” will feature prints by David Ellis, Steve Powers, Jose Parla, Swoon and others based on the idea of “the transformation of resources into tangible social and economic benefits for small communities and the world at large.” The limited edition screenprints were all hand-pulled at the Braddock Screen Printing Shop, and each signed print is available at Fountain and remains sealed in an envelope until purchased.

Fountain opens to the public tomorrow. For more info on “Idea for the Here and Now,” click here. And see a more complete list of participating artists, after the jump.

Additional artists for “Idea for the Here and Now”:
ON Megumi Akiyoshi
Jeff Stark
Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Brandy Gump
Leon Reid IV
Ben Wolf
David Ellis
Steve Powers
Ryan McGinness
Kembra Pfahler
Chris Johanason
Ian Cheng
Bill Daniel
Logan Hicks
Carlo Mccormick
Josh Tonies
Cara Siik Benedetto
Jacob Ciocci
Emma Hedditch
Ayanah Moor