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Showing: POW WOW Group Exhibition @ Fresh Cafe & Loft In Space

After landing in Oahu this afternoon for this year’s POW WOW, AM headed over to the Fresh Cafe & Loft In Space for the group exhibition associated with the event. Some of the artists invited submitted pieces for the show including 123Klan, Will Barras, Dabs Myla, Jeff Soto, Jeff Hamada, Faith47, DAL, Yoskay Yamamoto (above), Jeff Soto, Nychos, Roid, Shark Toof, Wu Yue, Jasper Wong, and more. We’ll be bringing you a look at the murals these artists are working on as the week progresses… […]

Preview: POW WOW 2013

In what’s become somewhat of an annual tradition for AM, we will be heading to Hawaii for POW WOW next month. The fourth iteration of the art retreat and event promises to be the best one yet with expanded activities and artist roster – including 123Klan, Will Barras, Dabs Myla, Flying Fortress, Jeff Hamada, Meggs, Faith47, DAL, Suitman, Dave Flores, Askew, Chaz Bojorquez, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeff Soto, Kid Zoom, Patrick Martinez, Nychos, Roid, Angry Woebots, Slick, and more. Held from February 9th – 16th, the […]

Videos: Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 (Part 2 & 3)

After bringing you part one of a video series documenting last year’s POW WOW event, we now have part two & three to share with you. Produced by Banzai Media, the footage brings an in-depth look at various aspects of the annual art retreat in Hawaii including interviews with local artists and their thoughts as to what the art festival means to the local community, a closer look at the creation of the murals including explanations from the artists, the associated luau and hunt, the artist complex known […]

Videos: Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 (Part 1)

It feels like only yesterday when we finished up the phenomenal gathering of street artists known as POW WOW. Expanding both the presence inside and out, this year’s event took a giant leap to expand upon its premiere last year in Hawaii. Check out a slick look put together by Banzai Media at the outdoor works by a slew of international artists as they visually transformed the industrial neighborhood of Kaka’ako to psych you up for 2013!

David Choe in Hawaii (Part II)

Last month, we reported on a sweet new mural (jellyfish!) from David Choe’s (featured) from the islands of Hawaii (which subsequently got buffed). It looks like while there, the Facebook gangster also painted some faces and brought it along with him to various locales. Take a look at some of the photos he posted of them to his blog as well as some of his adventures there. Discuss David Choe here.

Openings: Kamea Hadar – “White Dreams” @ Loft In Space

Last weekend, the our friend Kamea Hadar opened a new solo show at the Loft In Space gallery in Hawaii. Kamea is one of the people who has been instrumental in planning the annual POW WOW art festival (covered) in Oahu and is an artist himself. For this new body of work entitled White Dreams, he put together a series of paintings that deal with his personal experiences with his Jewish and island upbringing. As such, his new paintings reflect influences from both background and include a wall to ceiling installation.

Streets: David Choe (Hawaii)

After news broke earlier this year that David Choe’s (featured) Facebook stock had made him a very rich man, he was last seen getting interviewed by Howard Stern and Barbara Walters. Looks like he’s finally surfaced on the Big Island of Hawaii where he picked up some paint again to work on a wall featuring classic Choe imagery with imaginative and random creatures. It appears we have a octopus headdress wearing mermaid (attached to a fish) being ridden by a bird dress girl, ninja turtle, and the […]

Preview: Kamea Hadar – “White Dreams” @ Loft In Space

Coming up on July 20th, the Loft In Space gallery in Hawaii will be presenting a solo White Dreams from painter Kamea Hadar. If you have had the opportunity to attend the annual POW WOW art festival (covered) in Oahu you will have for sure met Kamea as he is one of the lead directors of the event. In the photo above, you can see him working on a new group of paintings which deal with deal with his Jewish roots, the Holocaust and the complex mix of race, […]

Teaser: Ryuichi Ogino – “Kigen” @ Loft In Space

Tomorrow night (April 19th) in Oahu, Loft in Space welcomes back Ryuichi Ogino (OGI) for an exhibition entitled Kigen. AM first met up with OGI back in February for the annual art retreat known as POW WOW, and now the Tokyo-based artist is back for his first solo in Hawaii. You can expect works from him that continue his exploration of anime-inspired characters in whimsical settings while combining elements of modernist illustration, text, sculpture, and installation. A glimpse of one of the pieces in the […]

POW WOW ’12 / Streets: 123 Klan x Flying Fortress x Aaron De La Cruz x Slick

The ocean and the gnarly waves are some of the elements that are synonymous with the Hawaii islands and this year’s POW WOW made sure to make their mark on some water front property. The 123Klan, Slick, Flying Fortress and Aaron De La Cruz hit up the old derelict Fisherman’s Wharf with some marine-themed urban action to greet passerby’s. More photos after the jump…