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Tran Nguyen Smithsonian Magazine Cover

Tran Nguyen, whose work we last enjoyed in person up in Seattle (covered), recently worked on a cover for Smithsonian Magazine. The current issue, which we took a snap of at our local Barnes & Noble, features the artist’s illustration for the story of the fall and rise and fall of Pompeii, referencing the fact of how the archeological treasures are falling into a state of scandalous decline. Discuss Tran Nguyen here.

Art Focus: J.C. Leyendecker

For the new years holiday, we decided to explore the work of the great American artist J.C. Leyendecker. Known in the early 20th century as one of the pre-eminent illustrators, he was a predecessor and idol of the great Norman Rockwell. Perhaps one of his most famous series of works, and the reason why we are featuring him today, is his covers for the The Saturday Evening Post where he popularized his iconic New Year’s Baby (the last from him being in 1943). Enjoy more examples of the traditional […]

Tim O’Brien – Aged Mona Lisa for Discover Magazine

Tim O’Brien, an artist who has been featured here on AM before (see Tupac, Osama bin Laden as well as sweet Charlie Brown painting), has a new magazine cover out. The new painting that ended up being on the front of Discover Magazine’s new issue about the aging world was an older version of Davinci’s muse – Mona Lisa. Head over to to O’Brien’s blog to hear more on his creative process. Discuss Tim O’Brien here.  

Videos: TateShots – Maurice Sendak

“People say – why don’t you do Wild Things 2, Wild Things 1 was such a success? Go to hell, go to hell. I’m not a whore. I don’t do those things.” With that, this interview with renowned writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak starts as another installment to the great TateShots series (also see Jeff Koons & Jonathan Yeo). Topics covered include his love for William Blake, the inappropriateness of his work, his most important book, and more.  Enjoy! Via Juxtapoz.

Tim O’Brien – Gaddafi Time Magazine Cover

Looks like Tim O’Brien is the go-to guy now when it comes to the fall of dictators. After “x”-ing out Osama bin Laden for the TIME’s cover a while back, the magazine asked him to headline their latest issue with the cover art for their Gaddafi story. Since the elusive former Libya strongman is still on the loose, although his rule is pretty much over, the painting had to be a little more subtle (explained on Tim’s blog). More detailed pics and actual cover after […]

Peter de Sève – “Easy Being Green, It Is Not”

This work entitled Easy Being Green, It Is Not from Peter de Sève recently caught our eye as we were browsing the interwebs. This unlikely but perfect juxtaposition between Kermit and Yoda was painted for the Star Wars, Visions, a collection of Star Wars images created by a wide variety of artists from many genres.  The famed American illustrator has also created many of the covers for the The New Yorker as well as worked on character design on many animated features including the beloved […]

Preview: R. Crumb – “The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis” @ David Zwirner

Opening March 4 at Chelsea’s David Zwirner is the latest exhibition of original art work from infamous cartoonist R. Crumb. For this show, Crumb will have drawings from his controversial comic version of the first book of the Old Testament, entitled “The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb,” which after a half decade in the making was released late last year. This exhibition was previously at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. See an installation view and some additional images from that show, after the jump.

Releases: “Lord of the Flies” Illustrated by Sam Weber for Folio Society

London’s Folio Society recently released a new printing of William Golding’s classic novel “Lord of the Flies,” illustrated by uber-talented, Brooklyn-based artist/illustrator Sam Weber. The edition contains several beautiful images painted especially by Weber in watercolor, finished digitally, and reproduced in four-color offset printing for the book. In addition, the front cover binding is a single color lithograph on red book cloth with white letterpressed accents. This amazing edition, however, is only currently available for members of the Folio Society, so if you want to […]