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Preview / Installation: Interesni Kazki – “Objects of the Universe” @ Avantgarden

Coming up on Thursday night, September 29th, in Milan, street sensations Interesni Kazki will be opening their solo show at AvantGarden. The Ukrainian duo’s work is colorful and surreal with almost a Dali-esque feel to it.  Appropriately, their exhibition is entitled Objects of the Universe as their paintings are typically filled with disparate mundane items arranged in inventive compositions. Also, interesting will be how their work (see Russia, Ibiza, Portugal, and Slovakia) translates indoors although they will be working on some wall murals as well. […]

Streets: Interesni Kazki (Slovakia)

Since July, we have already seen three huge murals from Interesni Kazki in Russia, Ibiza, and Portugal. The Ukranian duo continues their hot streak with this newest wall in Košice, Slovakia featuring some of their signature surreal imagery. Look for a gallery show from the two at the end of the month in Milan at the Avantgarden Gallery. More views after the jump…

Streets: Walk & Talk Festival (Azores) Part II

Besides the amazing boat mural that Phlegm painted for the Walk & Talk Festival in Azores, Portugal, there were also some other familiar names who got up some quality work. Vhils did his home country proud with some chiseled local portraiture, Interesni Kazki continued to impress (see Ibiza) with another large surreal mural, and Escif threw up a cryptic wall with a dinosaur and block lettering. These fore-mentioned artists along with 26 others (20 of them from Portugal) certainly went a long way in fulfilling the vision of tranforming the […]

Streets: Interesni Kazki (Ibiza)

After featuring some of Interesni Kazki’s impressive surrealistic murals in Barcelona and Russia here on AM, we turn to their newest wall, this time in Ibiza. The Ukranian street duo were in town for Bloop Festival, an art event focusing on an interesting phenomenon – an extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) years ago with the source of the sound is still unknown. Another look at their Dali-esque interpretation after the jump…

Streets: Interesni Kazki – “Sisyphus” (Russia)

You may remember when we first introduced you to Ukranian street duo Interesni Kazki last year when we featured some of their work in Barcelona. Now, fast forward to this recent mural the two (AEC and Waone) painted in Ekaterinburg, Russia entitled Sisyphus, which references a character in Greek mythology except remixed with a modern twist. For those unfamiliar, King Sisyphus was the one punished by the gods with being forced to push an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back […]

Streets: Interesni Kazki in Barcelona

AM has been keeping a close eye on AEC and Waone, who together form the Ukranian duo Interesni Kazki (Interesting Fairy Tales). Earlier this year, the two Kiev-based artists had a solo show at Galerie All Over in Lyon, France. Last month, original drawings by them were displayed at Pictures On Walls in a group show coinciding with the launch (featured) of Tristan Manco‘s new book, Street Sketchbook: Journeys. Another exhibition of their colourful fantasy-world creations will be held next spring in Milan. Interesni Kazki […]