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Video: Remi/Rough x Jaybo @ Projectroom (Berlin)

Remi/Rough, who recently participated in the Ghost Village Project and Jaybo, who we last saw showing at the Signal Gallery got together to do a little live painting session in Berlin.  Working in the Projectroom (looks like same place where Herakut live painted), the two artists collaborated on two pieces, switching between each one multiple times, and then donating them to charity.

Openings: “Winter Warmers” @ StolenSpace

Wintertime groups shows are common this time of year, so it’s not surprising we have another one to share with you. “Winter Warmers” opened last week at in London at the StolenSpace Gallery, and as you can see from the image above, D*Face (interviewed) was in a festive mood. The show also marked the release of VNA Issue 10 with a special screenprinted cover by D. Take a look at more images from some established artists as well as some promising young talent after the […]

Openings: Jaybo – “Headscape: Tales From the Drifters” @ Signal Gallery

Berlin-based artist, Jaybo (aka Monk), opened his show “Headscape: Tales From the Drifters” in London this weekend at the Signal Gallery (interviewed) in London. This show from the versatile artist focuses on his portrait style of painting as well as several large murals.  The distorted and contorted faces in this body of work certainly convey a raw emotion that leaves a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind.  Particularly striking is his use of color – brilliant reds that contrast and draw our attention to each […]