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Showing: Jaybo Monk – “Traces of Nothing” @ The Boston Button Factory

Currently at The Boston Button Factory, Berlin-based Jaybo Monk has a new show up through July 14th, with an official reception scheduled for June 25th (7-10pm). While in Beantown, the Frenchman has also been busy with various events including an open studio event at SoWa’s First Fridays, live painting at the MFA Summer Gala, and a pop up show at Liquid Art House alongside Augustine Kofie and Todd Mazer. In each instance, fans of the Agents Of Change member’s work have enjoyed his fragmented imagery, taking […]

Openings: “Potse 68” @ Circle Culture Gallery

Berlin’s Circle Culture Gallery recently opened their third gallery space, in addition to its other two venues in Berlin (Mitte and Hamburg). After “twelve years of fusing fine art with pop art and subcultural art,” expansion to a new, 560 sqm former warehouse on Potsdamer Strasse was a logical next step for the gallery. To celebrate this big event, they put together a huge group show featuring works from their impressive list of represented artists such as Katrin Fridriks, Maya Hayuk or Aaron Rose, with the addition of […]

Showing: Agents of Change – ‘Unfolding’ @ David Bloch Gallery

International art collective Agents of Change recently opened a group showing at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech. Entitled Unfolding, the showing brought together Steve More, Derm, Carlos Mare, LX One, Remi Rough and Jaybo. The AoC cast is ever expanding and contains different styles of art brought in by the widely cast influences of the collective group. Unfolding focuses of just six of the whole twelve, and hones down on some of the more angular, geometrically inspired members of the collective. Painting, collage and sculpture combine within […]

Openings: “Wider than a postcard” & olive47 – “bonita bonita” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Breeze Block Gallery opened their huge group show Wider than a postcard (previewed) alongside the first solo show in their new gallery 2 space – olive47’s bonita bonita (featured) a couple of weeks back to a packed Portland crowd. Over 400 individual works went into the postcard show with 200 artists providing postcard sized works. The work was hung on the walls in grids of 24 cards, each echoing the aspect ratio of the individual works themselves as each work was 6×4 inches. The variance of work encompassed photography […]

Previews: “Wider than a postcard” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On the back of his Space//Form group exhibition last year (covered), Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis is working with Breeze Block Gallery in Portland again on another huge group event entitled Wider than a postcard. With over 200 artists and 400 individual works, this exhibition looks to be both bigger than the previous event and also smaller at the same time as all of the artworks are postcard sized at 6×4 inches. Each artist is either making work on a found / owned postcard and adapting / adding […]

Video: Jaybo x Remi/Rough x Juice 126 – ProjectRoom

AM recently brought you details of the ProjectRoom event that Jaybo and Remi/Rough held last month in London with Juice 126. The artists combined their talents to create three collaborative pieces of work on the night. This nicely produced video gives some background of the project coming together, along with footage of the live painting itself, so now you can enjoy the fun even if you couldn’t make it. Discuss Remi/Rough here. Discuss Jaybo here.

Openings: Jaybo & Remi/Rough – “No Beginning, No End” @ Galeria Nuble

It’s hard to keep up with events surrounding Remi/Rough, but we try! Between his solo projects, collaborations and his work with Agents of Change, Remi is certainly not one to sit still for long. Last weekend, Remi and Jaybo (aka Monk) opened their two person show in Spain at Galeria Nuble directly after their collaborative live painting event in London with Juice 126. “No Beginning, No End” collects a series of works on canvas and board from the artists, plus some especially sweet looking work […]

Teaser: Remi/Rough & Jaybo – “No Beginning, No End” @ Galeria Nuble

As soon as the paint dried from Remi/Rough and Jaybo’s ProjectRoom (covered) event with Juice 126 last week, the pair’s attention turned to their two person exhibition “No Beginning, No End” at Galeria Nuble in Santander, Spain, opening tonight (Thursday, June 17th). Long time friends and collaborators, Remi and Jaybo will be bringing some more live painting installation fun to the gallery alongside a series of new works on canvas, where they are now putting finishing touches to the pieces for the show. If you’re […]

Live Painting: ProjectRoom with Jaybo, Remi/Rough & Juice 126

London’s first Projectroom event took place last night, with out-of-town organiser Jaybo inviting locals Remi/Rough and Juice 126 to collaborate in a live painting event. The three artists each took a canvas to start work on individually – Remi and Jaybo working directly on the wall and Juice getting all primeval by working barefoot on the floor. As the evening progressed the three dipped in and out of the each others canvas’ leaving 3 pretty unique and well composed collaboration pieces. Expect more collaborative painting from […]

Live Painting: Jaybo, Remi/Rough & Juice 126 in London

This Thursday night in London sees Jaybo, also known as Monk, brings his first “ProjectRoom” live painting event to London. Past events in Jaybo’s home city of Berlin have featured Remi/Rough, Marco Grassi, Best/Ever and Herakut (interviewed), and this week the fun comes to the UK with Remi/Rough and Juice 126, who work together in the Agents of Change collective (featured), accompanying Jaybo with a one night only live painting installation in Red Bull’s Studio space. Read on for details of Remi & Jaybo’s joint […]