International art collective Agents of Change recently opened a group showing at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech. Entitled Unfolding, the showing brought together Steve More, Derm, Carlos Mare, LX One, Remi Rough and Jaybo. The AoC cast is ever expanding and contains different styles of art brought in by the widely cast influences of the collective group. Unfolding focuses of just six of the whole twelve, and hones down on some of the more angular, geometrically inspired members of the collective.

Painting, collage and sculpture combine within the exhibition and all facets of these elements are explored by this intelligent group. Consider AoC to be the thinking man’s street art collective. Culturally and historically aware, the group inform and inspire each other as well as take reference from movements such as futurism and abstract expressionism whilst successfully incorporating an interesting amount of self-referencing.

AoC also took time to bust out a mural in the 45 degree heat of Marrakech whilst in town for the opening.