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Upcoming: Rime – “Conclusions” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

This Saturday night (February 20th), Conlusions from Rime (otherwise know as Jersey Joe) will be opening at Jonathan LeVine Gallery at their 529 West 20th Street location in New York. This debut show with the gallery from the MSK-affiliated graffiti artist will feature his mischievous cartoon characters that are commonly seen on the streets combined with a more abstract art direction. The locally-based artist further states – “starting with an empty space to paint, each stroke is thrown down unapologetically; influencing what follows. Beginning with aggressive and abstracted compositions that most often […]

Upcoming: Rime – “Conclusions” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

On February 20th, Rime (otherwise know as Jersey Joe) will be opening his debut show with Jonathan LeVine Gallery at their 529 West 20th Street location in New York. Conclusions will feature a future turn towards figurative abstraction from the MSK-affiliated graffiti artist making use of bold colors and energetic compositions. Take a look at the image above, a detailed crop of one of the works the Brooklyn-based writer will be putting on display at the Chelsea showspace and make plans to be at the opening (6-8 pm). […]

Streets: RIME (New York)

It’s been a while since we featured an in-depth look (see 2012) at one of RIME’s street pieces here on AM. It’s not for lack of material as the prolific artist otherwise known as Jersey Joe travels constantly putting up work around the world. This newest piece in New York featuring his signature mix of letters and gritty cartoonish characters was painted in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. Also, check out an associated video and interview with RIME by the Village Voice where he covers […]

Sketchbook: RIME

For those of you who have been following the street murals from RIME (aka Jersey Joe), you will have seen some of the luscious caricatured females that make it into his imagery (i.e.: here and here). As you would expect, many of these characters make it onto the pages of his sketchbook before going up on the walls – a glimpse of which we can see posted to his instagram account in recent days. Discuss RIME here.

Streets: RIME x Converse (New York)

After recently joining some friends for a burner on the rooftops of Brooklyn, RIME returns with another mural in BK (on Grand and Union). Like another piece we highlighted from David Ellis (here), this wall from the MSK-affiliated graffiti artist was secured by Converse. If you look carefully, you’ll see the shoe company’s signature star mixed in with the familiar cartoonish imagery of the artist otherwise known as Jersey Joe. Photo credit: Public Ad Campaign. Discuss RIME here.

Streets: Greg Simkins, Dabs & Myla and Jersey Joe Mural @ Static Medium

Yesterday, we tagged along with Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured), Dabs & Myla and Jersey Joe to watch them create a fresh mural christening the new location of Los Angeles print studio Static Medium. From 8am to the late afternoon, the artists took on the blazing sun with tons of spray cans using their crazy nozzle skills. They even got some love from the locals as they worked this urban beautification project. More pics after the jump…