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Openings: John Brophy – “New Songs for the Standard Model” @ Roq La Rue

Last Friday, AM traveled to Seattle to attend a couple shows at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Not only did we have the privilege to enjoy Josh Keyes’ fantastic new paintings, but we also took time to take in John Brophy’s new body of work entitled New Songs for the Standard Model. Brophy’s intense imagery often features scientific formulas, symbology, Asian-influenced references and artifacts of the modern world. This particular group of paintings on display was inspired by the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle this summer by […]

Openings: “Lush Life 3” @ Roq La Rue

Earlier this month, the Roq La Rue hosted the third rendition of the Lush Life group show. As usual, a impressive lineup of artists (many who have showed with or will show in the future with the Seattle gallery) joined in on the fun including Femke Hiemstra, Chris Berens, Josh Keyes, John Brophy, Travis Louie, Marco Mazzoni, Jessica Joslin, Joseph Park, Mia Araujo, and more. See more opening photos via Hi-Fructose after the jump…

Preview: “Lush Life 3” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night, December 9th, the third rendition of Lush Life will be showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. As usual, the lineup is a stellar collection of purveyors of pop surrealism and includes the likes of Femke Hiemstra, Chris Berens, Josh Keyes, John Brophy, Travis Louie, Marco Mazzoni, Jessica Joslin, Joseph Park, Mia Araujo, and more. Take a look at more preview images after the jump…

Openings: “Dark Waters” @ Copro Gallery

An impressive group of artists got together over the weekend at the behest of Martin Wittfooth’s (interviewed). The NY-based painter curated a show at the Copro Gallery featuring Marshall Arisman, Steven Assael, John Brophy, Dave Cooper, Phil Hale, Caitlin Hackett, Andrew Hem, Kenichi Hoshine, Charlie Immer, Josh Keyes, Brad Kunkle, Jean Labourdette, Jeremy Lipking, Adam Miller, Alyssa Monks, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Jenny Morgan, Billy Norrby, Alexandra Pacala, Mu Pan, Matt Roto, Jean-Pierre Roy, Ben Smith, Nicola Verlato, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld, Elizabeth Winnel, and Jason Yarmosky. […]

Preview: John Brophy & Melissa Forman @ Roq La Rue

This Friday night in Seattle, art lovers will be in for a treat as not one, but two talented artists open a joint show together at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Both John Brophy and Melissa Forman focus their narratives on female protagonists with imagery filled with symbolism and mysticism. While Forman has mixed in her love for the natural world, it looks like Brophy has added in some religious references to his new paintings. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: Brian Despain – “Requiarium” @ Roq La Rue

Friday night, Brian Despain (interviewed) will be treating Seattle residents to his cadre of robots and their adventures.  Despain is able to imbue his mechanical characters with emotional depth as they interact with companions from the natural world set against an often lush background. Despain’s “Requiarium” is set to open Nov 12th at Roq La Rue alongside John Brophy’s “Saints and Angels.” More preview images after the jump.