Josh Keyes

An impressive group of artists got together over the weekend at the behest of Martin Wittfooth’s (interviewed). The NY-based painter curated a show at the Copro Gallery featuring Marshall Arisman, Steven Assael, John Brophy, Dave Cooper, Phil Hale, Caitlin Hackett, Andrew Hem, Kenichi Hoshine, Charlie Immer, Josh Keyes, Brad Kunkle, Jean Labourdette, Jeremy Lipking, Adam Miller, Alyssa Monks, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Jenny Morgan, Billy Norrby, Alexandra Pacala, Mu Pan, Matt Roto, Jean-Pierre Roy, Ben Smith, Nicola Verlato, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld, Elizabeth Winnel, and Jason Yarmosky. Perhaps as a sign of respect to Wittfooth, all the artists delivered superb works, many of them large-scale.

The title of the show, Dark Water, was a source an inspiration for the show as well as a quote from Henry David Thoreau – “The dullest soul cannot go upon such an expedition without some of the spirit of adventure; as if he had stolen the boat of Charon and gone down the Styx on a midnight expedition into the realms of Pluto… The silent navigator shoves his craft gently over the water, with a smothered pride and sense of benefaction, as if he were the phosphor, or light-bringer, to these dusky realms, or some sister moon, blessing the spaces with her light.”

Take a look at more photos from the opening after the jump from ©Carlos Gonzalez

Martin Wittfooth

Andrew Hem

Alyssa Monks

Eric White

Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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