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Alice Mizrachi – “Love In The City” @ JuiceTank

Rounding out the the group of artists invited to work inside the mural creation project at start-up incubator JuiceTank is Alice Mizrachi. This Queens native has a unique set of passions and talents as she’s been creating work on the streets and also been teaching art for the past decade. Taking a different approach to her other peers that have worked at JT, Alice focused her mural on “Love” as she feels this is the universal emotion that everyone experiences at some point in life. Per her […]

VickiPages – “Rednecked Falcon on Woodland” @ JuiceTank

The next artist on tap to work on the walls of the start-up incubator JuiceTank is VickiPages. Vic’s a unique artist that doesn’t shy away from his illustrative chops. One of his artistic projects he’s been focused on the past few years is The Camo Project, is a selection of illustrations that place specific animals along side camouflage patterns he’s designed and created. For this mural, he was challenged with a massive 17 x 8 foot wall and he answered with a new installment of the aforementioned series. […]

Ian Kuali’i – “Messenger” @ JuiceTank

Next up on the mural creation project at start-up incubator JuiceTank is Hawaiian native Ian Kuali’i. The NYC-based artist has long served as Doze Green’s assistant and has really come into his own in the past few years. Utilizing a diverse mix of skill-sets such as intricate hand cut paper, acrylics and aerosols, Ian has consistently created intriguing mixed media artwork. Integrating the themes of the Juice Tank creative space, Ian gave his modern take on communication & technology with twin deities representing gods Mercury and […]

GILF! – “STEP UP” @ JuiceTank

In New Jersey, there’s a newly formed thinktank incubator for start ups called JuiceTank. This newly christened work space is a digital creative environment needed a little artistic love for its fresh digs. A number of artists were tapped to work on this mural project with the first up being Brooklyn street artist GILF!. (Be sure to check out her exhibition at Soho’s Galerie Swanström opening tomorrow.) Known for creating positive change through her stencils and eye catching visuals, GILF took to creating a site […]