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Previews: “The New Romantics” @ Corey Helford Gallery

On July 28th, Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting another group show curated by Caro Buermann. Entitled The New Romantics, the exhibition aims to “survey this moment’s neo-romantic yearnings for paradise, magic and transcendence above the climate of political, environmental and social turmoil.” Participants include: Adrian Cox (seen above), Akiko Ijichi, Alessandra Maria, Annie Stegg Gerard, Bao Pham, Camilla d’Errico, Carrie Pearce, Dilka Bear, Erika Sanada, Hannah Yata, Happy D, Hirabayashi Takahiro, Iva Troj, Jana Brike, Joanne Nam, Junko Mizuno, Kate Zambrano, kelogsloops, Lu Cong, Mandy Cao, […]

Upcoming: Junko Mizuno – “Takarabune” @ Nucleus Gallery

Tonight in Los Angeles, Nucleus Gallery will be hosting a new exhibition from Junko Mizuno entitled Takarabune. The solo from the Japanese artist continues her exploration of the pop culture and the spiritual aspects of her country with an emphasis on the Seven Lucky Gods, as referenced by the title of her show. A collection of hand-made head dresses and accessories inspired by Mizuno’s paintings by artist Alston Stephanus will also be on display during the opening. Discus Junko Mizuno here.

Studio Visits: Junko Mizuno

Leading up to her current showing at Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto, we stopped by the studio of Junko Mizuno in San Francisco to learn more about her work environment and to see some of the works in progress. Using acrylic, ink, and graphite, the Japanese artists creates recognizable cute, grotesque, and provocative imagery that has a mixture of influences from pop culture to manga. You can see more of the work created for the show here, but can also glimpse some of the pieces that […]

3D Art Book Signing @ Opera Gallery

AM recently attended a special signing party for the 3D Art Book (previewed) hosted at the Opera Gallery in New York. Many of the contributors such as Tristan Eaton, Eric White, Haze, Esao Andrews, Tara McPherson, Erik Foss, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt and Tom Thewes were in attendance, signing and drawing for the droves of fans who came out to support their favorite artists. Fans were treated also to a mini pop-up exhibition as each artist’s work […]

Signings: 3D Art Book @ Opera Gallery NY

Grab your funkiest three dimensional glasses for this Friday as Opera Gallery in New York hosts a special book signing for the awesome 3D Art Book (previewed). Creator Tristan Eaton will lead 15 artist such as: Haze, Travis Louie, Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Ron English, Mat Eaton, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt & Tom Thewes for a signing session of this packed book of your favorites rendered in eye popping 3D. In case you didn’t know, many AM favorites […]

Openings: Aiko & Junko Mizuno @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Opening alongside Samuel Lowder’s show (covered) several weeks ago was the work of Aiko and Junko Mizuno. The feminine-styled stencil work of Aiko, from our point of view, was the bridge between the two artists in this joint show forming a cohesiveness between the bodies of work. Mizuno provided her signature cute yet violent imagery dubbed “Gothic Kawaii” or “Kawaii Noir” in a series of paintings and drawings. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Junko Mizuno, Aiko, and Samuel Lowder – “Vivid Fiction” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

This Saturday, July 31, Merry Karnowsky Gallery will be hosting a new show, “Vivid Fiction,” a joint venture between artists Junko Mizuno, Aiko, and Samuel Lowder aka FrePrs. Although it seems to be a somewhat discordant grouping, each artist has something to offer to those that attend. Aiko Nakagawa, formerly part of the  Faile (featured), continues to develop her own imagery and style, showing a feminine touch that has been missing from the Brooklyn collective since she left. Junko Mizuno will be bringing her unique […]

Openings: Last Gasp 40th Anniversary @ 111 Minna

Following LeBasse Project’s SF Pop Up Gallery debut (covered) and Fecal Face Dot Gallery’s Marco Zamora and Derek Albeck show (covered), AM wrapped up a busy and fun-filled night on the town by hopping down to 111 Minna for the opening of Last Gasp’s 40th Anniversary. The underground comic purveyor and alternative arts distributor has pulled out all the stops, calling on their extensive roster of freaks, fine artists and everyone in between. With an all star lineup featuring such luminaries as R. Crumb, the […]

Preview: Femke Hiemstra & Junko Mizuno @ Roq La Rue

Opening next weekend simultaneously are Femke Hiemstra’s “Hello Dachshund” and Junko Mizuno’s “Desert Woman.” Dutch artist Hiemstra’s creative use of found objects and fantastical narrative (animate inanimate objects frolicking with mischievous creatures in dark fairytale settings) has always drawn our attention and it will be nice to see a new body of work from her. Another artist we enjoy, Mizuno will bring her alluring and mystic girls and her special “gothic-kawaii” aesthetic from Japan to Seattle with a new series of paintings (seen after the […]