Last Gasp founder Ron Turner

Following LeBasse Project’s SF Pop Up Gallery debut (covered) and Fecal Face Dot Gallery’s Marco Zamora and Derek Albeck show (covered), AM wrapped up a busy and fun-filled night on the town by hopping down to 111 Minna for the opening of Last Gasp’s 40th Anniversary. The underground comic purveyor and alternative arts distributor has pulled out all the stops, calling on their extensive roster of freaks, fine artists and everyone in between. With an all star lineup featuring such luminaries as R. Crumb, the Clayton Brothers (featured), Vaughn and Mark Bode, Joe Ledbetter, Ed Hardy, Scott Musgrove, Eric White (interviewed), Attaboy, Robert Williams, Gary Baseman (interviewed) and Camile Rose Garcia (interviewed), Last Gasp provides an educational look into the company’s humble beginnings and provides an intriguing peek at the things to come.

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R. Crumb

Mark Ryden

Camille Rose Garcia

the Clayton Brothers


Chris Mars