Yoskay Yamamoto and Nate Frizell

AM recently swung by San Fran’s Japantown to check out the opening of LeBasse Projects weekend pop up gallery. The four day show highlights several members of LeBasse’s roster, artists like Yoskay Yamamoto (featured), Nate Frizell (featured) and Edwin Ushiro (interviewed) were all on hand to celebrate the opening. Additionally, Beau stepped up his game with a couple curve balls for SF residents, debuting some new pieces by internationally renowned artists Herakut (interviewed), Seonna Hong and Alexandros Vasmoulakis.

The Pop Up show ends tomorrow, Sunday April 4th – highly recommended. Opening photos and address after the jump.

Melissa Haslam - "Rabbit"

Edwin Ushiro - "Time Therefore..."

Yoskay Yamamoto Installation

Herakut - "She was Going for Filth" - detail

Andrew Hem - "Heroes of Tomorrow" - detail

Alexandros Vasmoulakis - "Yesterday We Reached Our Apogee" - detail

Seonna Hong - "Lone Pine Peak"

LeBasse Projects SF
1746 Post St. 3rd Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94115
(New People Bldg. in Japantown)

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