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Preview: “Shades” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Tonight in Culver City, the Corey Helford Gallery will be opening a new group show featuring Aaron Woes Martin, Andrew Brandou, Beau Stanton, Ben Frost, Carlos Ramos, Chloe Early (above), Cyrcle, David Stoupakis, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Ernesto Yerena, Esao Andrews, Germs, Greg Gossel, Joey Remmers, Junghwa Hong, Lola, Martin Wittfooth, Melissa Haslam, Michael Peck, Nate Frizzell, Nouar, Revok, Richard J Oliver, Risk, Shag, Soey Milk, Tom Bagshaw, and Yumiko Kayukawa. Shades well feature works created by the artists with a limited palette and each one will be sized at 16″ x 16″. […]

Showing: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

The LeBasse Projects in Culver City is currently showing works from Melissa Haslam collectively entitled Floating Garden. The new paintings included a series of patterned compositions created from botanical patterns as well as a set of portraits placing her characters entwined in an overgrowth of foliage. The show runs through March 30th for those who plan to see these in person. Discuss this show here. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.

Preview: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

This Saturday night (March 2nd), the paintings we got a glimpse of during a studio visit with Melissa Haslam last month will be put on display at LeBasse Projects. Floating Garden will feature the Australian artist’s botanically-infused portraiture and stems from her fascination with scientific and entomological illustrations. Garden spaces overgrown with foliage and focused work on suspended flowers and plants comprise of some of the imagery that will be seen in this body of work. Discuss this show here. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.

Studio Visit: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

Returning to the botanical imagery that she has worked on in the past, painter Melissa Haslam (featured) will be opening a show at LeBasse Projects on March 2nd. Entitled Floating Garden, the new body of work will highlight how the Melbourne-based artist has furthered refined her form of portraiture. Take a look at some of these shots from her studio and head out to the opening if you want to meet Haslam as she will be flying in for the show. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.

Openings: “MiXTAPE LA” @ Lebasse Projects (Chinatown)

Last night, the Chinatown location of LeBasse Projects hosted Mixtape Los Angeles, a group show curated by by Jessicka Adams and Brian Wakil of Dark Dark Science with part of the proceeds going to Downtown Dog Rescue and Stray Cat Alliance. Twenty four artists created pieces that explored “the effect of music on the process of creation” including Camille Rose Garcia, Elizabeth McGrath, Gary Baseman, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Matthew Bone, Melissa Haslam, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup and more. Check out this sweet dissected Abe Lincoln piece from Ryden […]

Openings: “Summer Invitational” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Summer is coming down the home stretch and people are getting ready to take their last vacations before fall. This also means that it was time for Jonathan LeVine Gallery to hold its annual Summer Invitational group show (previewed). Mr. Levine took time to exhibit a select batch of artists including Daniel Martin Diaz, Eric Fortune, Hello Monsters, Edwin Ushiro, Dick Chicken, Melissa Haslam, Above, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Yuko Shimizu, Jennifer Delilah and Meryl Smith on the gallery walls. Check out a detailed look after the jump.

Preview: “Summer Invitational” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Summer group shows during the traditional down time for galleries is a good way to gauge the direction a gallery is going. For their 2011 Annual Summer Invitational, slated to open on August 10th, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York will be featuring an international group of artists including Daniel Martin Diaz, Eric Fortune, Hello Monsters, Edwin Ushiro, Dick Chicken, Melissa Haslam, Above, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Yuko Shimizu, Ashley Wood, Jennifer Delilah and Meryl Smith. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: Melissa Haslam – “Kigurumi” @ Lebasse Projects

Tonight at LeBasse Projects in the Los Angeles Chinatown, Melissa Haslam (featured) will be presenting a new body of work that promises an increased attention to detail and realism as she continues to refine her technique. Drawing her inspiration from the Japanese subculture of fashioning oneself to look like stuffed animals or Kigurumi, the Australia-based painter uses this metaphor to explore ideas social role-playing. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Melissa Haslam – “Kigurumi” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

When we first saw this new piece from Melissa Haslam’s (featured), we thought it was a photograph.  But, it looks like she has just upped the detail in this new body of work since her last show at LeBasse Projects (covered). Her new show is entitled Kigurumi will open in July and is inspired by cosplay enthusiasts that she knows. Take a look at a video by Melissa’s sister during a photo reference shoot of Kigurumi girls…

Merry Christmas from Melissa Haslam

Check out this new Christmas themed painting Melissa Haslam’s (featured) did for the launch of the Curvy 2010 book in Sydney. The piece will be on display at The Galeries along with work from Courtney Brims, Noferin, Fafi, Amandine Urruty, Genevieve Gauckler, Rilla Alexander, Irina Dakeva and Kaitlin Beckett until January 8th. Take a look at a process video of this piece after the jump from Melissa’s sister Suzie.