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Openings: Melissa Haslam – “Botanica” @ LeBasse Projects

“Botanica,” Melissa Haslam’s (featured) newest solo show, recently opened at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. These new paintings represent the first full body of work since the Melbourne-based artist changed up her style a little with works featuring more portraiture and detail. The new direction clearly shows as the pieces are more focused and and the increased detail has led to having some of her paintings being mistaken for digital work. Of course, Melissa continues to infuse her love for nature in her work, as […]

Teaser: Melissa Haslam – “Botanica” @ LeBasse Projects

We recently ran into Aussie artist Melissa Haslam (featured) at the Jonathan Yeo opening and talked to her a little about her upcoming show at LeBasse Projects. She sounded excited about her new body of work and so are we, after seeing this little peek at a piece from the show. It looks like she is continuing to work on adding more detail to her work as well as exploring her fascination with plants and flora even more with this new show entitled – “Botanica”. […]

Preview / Studio Visits: Jonathan Darby @ Lebasse Projects, Culver City Artwalk

We saw that rising UK star Jonathan Darby posted some images on his blog from his studio of some new work in progress as he prepares for a showing with Lebasse Projects as part of the annual Culver City Artwalk, so we thought we’d ask him for a few more. Each body of work we see from Jonathan shows a progression and judging by the paint splatters on the studio walls and ceiling, it looks like he has been getting down and dirty to make some […]

Openings: LeBasse Projects San Francisco Group Exhibition

AM recently swung by San Fran’s Japantown to check out the opening of LeBasse Projects weekend pop up gallery. The four day show highlights several members of LeBasse’s roster, artists like Yoskay Yamamoto (featured), Nate Frizell (featured) and Edwin Ushiro (interviewed) were all on hand to celebrate the opening. Additionally, Beau stepped up his game with a couple curve balls for SF residents, debuting some new pieces by internationally renowned artists Herakut (interviewed), Seonna Hong and Alexandros Vasmoulakis. The Pop Up show ends tomorrow, Sunday […]

Preview: Showcase Series: San Francisco Group Exhibiton for LeBasse Projects

You may remember us posting some photos from Melissa Haslam’s studio a while back.  If you recall, the pieces seen were for the LeBasse Projects SF showcase pop-up show (opening tomorrow) including some gallery stalwarts along with Haslam like Yoskay Yamamoto (featured), Edwin Ushiro (interviewed), Andrew Hem (interviewed), Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Nate Frizzell (featured) along with some interesting additions – Herakut (interviewed) and Seonna Hong! See more preview pics of the gallery setup as well as details of the exhibition after the jump.

Studio Visits: Melissa Haslam

Aussie artist Melissa Haslam has been hard at work on some new paintings, some of which will be revealed in San Francisco at the “Showcase: SF” exhibition with LeBasse Projects early next month (more on that later). This body of work will have more of a portraiture feel to them with what looks to be an amazing increase in detail in her work. Melissa has put in a lot of time in this new set of paintings, even creating studies first, and it has all […]

Openings: Melissa Haslam – “Wild Fields” @ LeBasse Projects

Hailing from the land down under, Melissa Haslam (interviewed) made her first trip to Los Angeles for her show “Wild Fields” (previewed) which opened this past weekend at LeBasse Projects. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Haslam presents her viewers with what she understands best: striking female characters against the backdrop of local Aussie flora and fauna mixed with just the right splash of color. See all of Haslam’s beautiful pieces from the show after the jump.

LeBasse Projects: Dining with Yoskay Yamamoto & Melissa Haslam

Fine dining and even finer art – that’s what life’s all about. Last night, AM was invited to attend a very intimate dinner with a small group of collectors to preview the upcoming shows of Yoskay Yamamoto (featured) and Melissa Haslam (interviewed). The dinner was hosted by LeBasse Projects and provided a select few some private time to interact with the artists and find out more about their work and artistic direction. The fun night also gave attendees a chance to catch up and have spirited discussions […]

Preview/Interviews: Melissa Haslam – “Wild Fields” @ LeBasse Projects

Australian up-and-comer Melissa Haslam visits Los Angeles for her latest exhibition “Wild Fields” at LeBasse Projects opening this Saturday, May 9th, in the gallery’s project room. Her interesting use of independent girls and hauntingly beautiful botanic backdrops has caused quite a buzz with fans and collectors. Haslam’s been busy prepping for the opening, but made some time for a quick interview with AM. Read the interview and see a preview of the show after the jump…

LeBasse Projects Inaugural Gallery Exhibition ‘Vous Avez Eté Juste Servi’

If you missed last weekend VIP opening reception for LeBasse Project’s Inaugural show, do yourself a favor and stop by this Saturday, March 21st for the official opening. Modus Films aka the guys behind Analog Color put together a little video teaser for the exhibition, which will include artists Yoskay Yamamoto, Meryl Donoghue, Tessar Lo, Koralie, Melissa Haslam, Brian Donnelly, Ryuichi Ogino, Lisa Alisa, Kentaro Hiramatsu, Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro, Amanda Visell, Eric Fortune, Jason Redwood, Scott Belcastro, Alicia Ross, Jack Long, Michele Valigura, Laura […]