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Audrey Kawasaki Time Limited Print Poll

If you haven’t seen Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) stunning new body of work yet, do yourself a favor and stop by Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York or check out our coverage here. On a related note, Audrey is polling her fans to see which print they want to see released next – “Yuuwaku,” “Migawari,” “Meisai,” “Hyakki Yakou,” or “Mezmeru Mae Ni” – all from her current show. The release will be one of her rare “time limited” prints, meaning during a designated time period, the […]

Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

When hype is built up, rarely does the show ever meet the expectations. Once in a blue moon does one actually surpass the expectations – which is exactly what this show did. Audrey Kawasaki opened up her much anticipated body of work “Hajimari – a prelude” (previewed) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery last weekend in New York City. The sold-out show drew a max capacity crowd that overflowed from the packed gallery space into the adjacent hallways. There were three lines going the whole night – one to get […]

Preview: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Sometimes the more you see the more you want. After spending the weekend with Audrey Kawasaki at Baby Tattooville (here), we were eagerly awaiting the opening of “Hajimari – a prelude” at Jonathan Levine Gallery this Saturday. Well, Audrey just released some stunning in-process pictures of her latest batch of hypnotic beauties. It’s just a taste of what we expect will be a great show. Word of caution as this show not only looks fantastic, but also very addicting… Check out the preview images after […]

Baby Tattooville ’09 – Reverse Studio Visits – Audrey Kawasaki

While Greg “Craola” Simkins worked on his painting just a few feet away, AM favorite Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) was busy working on yet another piece for her upcoming show “Hajimari – a prelude” for Jonathan LeVine (teased) later this year. Watching Audrey layer colors and skin tones delicately over an initial sketch on wood was a real treat as well as a great insight to her process. More pictures after the jump.