If you haven’t seen Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) stunning new body of work yet, do yourself a favor and stop by Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York or check out our coverage here. On a related note, Audrey is polling her fans to see which print they want to see released next – “Yuuwaku,” “Migawari,” “Meisai,” “Hyakki Yakou,” or “Mezmeru Mae Ni” – all from her current show.

The release will be one of her rare “time limited” prints, meaning during a designated time period, the print is available for purchase to everyone for an open print run. Then, when that time period is over, no more prints will be sold.  What this means is for all those who always wanted a limited edition piece from Audrey, here’s your chance.  You won’t have to fight everyone else for one, you just have to buy it during a one hour window of opportunity – to be announced.

Vote here.  If you don’t have a Livejournal account, just leave a comment and it will be tallied.

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