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Openings: “Dark Pop 3.0” @ Last Rites Gallery

The third installment of Last Rites Gallery’s annual group exhibition Dark Pop 3.0 opened this weekend in New York. The show brought together some intriguing work from a diverse group of names, whose work is either intimately or loosely synonymous with a pop art aesthetic within their various genres. With a directive to err on the darker end of the spectrum, such artists as Scott Musgrove, Mark Dean Veca, Buff Monster, Glenn Barr, Brian Despain, Esao Andrews and Gaia produced work that was decidedly foreboding, […]

Openings: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last Rites Gallery, which bills itself as a home for artists that prefer to explore the darker side of their imagination, serves as the perfect backdrop for “Southern,” (previewed) the two-person solo show featuring the work of Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone currently on view at the gallery. At AM, we enjoy art that touches a nerve with viewers and garners strong reactions – this show certainly fits the bill. The crowd at the opening was delighted by the raw and uncut exploration of […]

Preview: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone open their two-person solo exhibition entitled “Southern” tomorrow, May 9th, at Last Rites Gallery. Both artists have quite the knack for painting images with a strong visual impact, each depicting their own edgy versions of sexy women. Viveros describes his approach to this show as “keeping the vibe STRONG and DIRTY homie, just the way we like it” in an interview with our friends at Sour Harvest while Bone continues his exploration of the “lurid underbelly of humanity.” In […]