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Previews: Scott Greenwalt & Smith|Allen – “Degeneration / Regeneration” @ Loakal Art Gallery

Opening on Friday, May 2nd at Loakal Art Gallery is Degeneration/Regeneration, featuring works by Scott Greenwalt and Smith|Allen and curated by Nastia Voynovskaya. Both sets of artists are based in Oakland and whilst their practices each use very different media, the outcomes and investigations of their work explore similar territory: natural phenomena as filtered through the contemporary imagination in the digital age. Smith|Allen (above) comprises sculptor and installation artist Stephanie Smith and architect and designer Bryan Allen. The duo creates 3D-printed installations that respond to their […]

Previews: Terry Furry – ‘Intimate Strangers’ @ Loakal Gallery

Loakal Gallery’s next exhibition looks to be an interesting one. The Oakland space is hosting a solo exhibition by Terry Furry entitled Intimate Strangers. The subject matter of the exhibition contains voyeuristic portraits graphically rendered in oils. The paintings are framed as snapshots as if captured and exchanged on cell phones and are reminiscent of the aesthetic of the so called ‘selfie-culture’. The paintings are of their time, and the exhibition comes just on the back of the word selfie being added to the Oxford English dictionary last month. […]

Openings: Max Kauffman – ‘Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful’ @ Loakal Gallery

Earlier this month Max Kauffman opened his solo exhibition Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful at Loakal Gallery in Oakland. Folk-tinged, and stylistically defined by his watercolour colour palette of brown and blue hues, Kauffman’s work within the exhibition presents subject matter of broken down houses and landscape elements reclaimed by nature. There’s a level of calm and delicacy within the chaotic compositions, full of details that emerge and reveal themselves the further you look into Kauffman’s paintings. The Bay Area artist also painted a mural inside the […]