Opening on Friday, May 2nd at Loakal Art Gallery is Degeneration/Regeneration, featuring works by Scott Greenwalt and Smith|Allen and curated by Nastia Voynovskaya. Both sets of artists are based in Oakland and whilst their practices each use very different media, the outcomes and investigations of their work explore similar territory: natural phenomena as filtered through the contemporary imagination in the digital age.

Smith|Allen (above) comprises sculptor and installation artist Stephanie Smith and architect and designer Bryan Allen. The duo creates 3D-printed installations that respond to their environments. Using bio-plastic, their work has organic qualities that evoke geological formations, coral reefs and other natural structures. Each work starts out as a drawing, then progresses to a 3D rendering and eventually is printed as a physical object.

Scott Greenwalt’s work is equally cellular in it’s composition. His layered acrylic paintings depict morphic forms with a balance of abstraction and landscape / portraiture.

For those interested, you can read more about both artists work in interviews that Loakal recently published on their website here and here. The exhibition runs from May 2 – June 2. Add it to your calendar if you’re in the Oakland area.