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Preview: Melissa Haslam – “Kigurumi” @ Lebasse Projects

Tonight at LeBasse Projects in the Los Angeles Chinatown, Melissa Haslam (featured) will be presenting a new body of work that promises an increased attention to detail and realism as she continues to refine her technique. Drawing her inspiration from the Japanese subculture of fashioning oneself to look like stuffed animals or Kigurumi, the Australia-based painter uses this metaphor to explore ideas social role-playing. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: Andrew Hem – “Cold Water” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

On July 16th, Andrew Hem (interviewed) will be presenting a whole new body of work a the Culver City location of LeBasse Projects near his recent street mural (covered). Entitled Cold Water, this collection of paintings from Andrew are some of the most balanced, detailed, and impressive to date. His fans agree as the show has mostly sold out so see for yourself this Saturday night. More preview images after the jump…

Openings: COPE2 – “AUTHENTIC” @ Maximillian Gallery

Several months after hitting up his home city with a show (covered), NY graf legend COPE2 travels to the other coast for a show in Los Angeles. AUTHENTIC, which opened last week at Maximillian Gallery, is billed as his first solo in the City of Angels and is a retrospective featuring throwups, pieces, his signature MTA subway maps, and miniature subway trains. More photos taken for us by the Birdman after the jump…

Teaser: Andy Warhol – “Campbell’s Soup Cans” @ MOCA

This weekend at the MOCA, some of Andy Warhol’s most iconic work will be on display to the public. Campbell’s Soup Cans will be presented for the first time at the Los Angeles museum and is a celebration of the original exhibition at Ferus Gallery, his first solo showing all the way back in 1962. Interestingly enough, when Irving Blum granted Warhol his first show, some of the paintings were sold for a mere $100 each. At that point, Blum came to the conclusion that […]

Teaser: Andrew Hem – “Cold Water” @ LeBasse Projects

On July 16th, LeBasse Projects will be hosting a new body of work from Andrew Hem (interviewed) at their Culver City gallery entitled Cold Water. Themes of isolation and personal conflict will be the focus of the paintings as the viewer follows Andrew’s journey from “being surrounded by cold situations and places” until emerging from that situation and then heading back onto the road to happiness. He will also be working on a large-scale mural in the area, but more on that later… Discuss this […]

Teaser: Crazy 4 Cult 5 @ Gallery 1988

Love it or hate it, Crazy 4 Cult was probably one of the shows that started the current trend of group shows inspired by the entertainment industry. Come July 8th, the fifth rendition of the exhibition based thematically on cult films will open it’s door to movie buffs and art collectors alike at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose. Seen above is In the Garden of Audrey, Allison Sommers’ (interviewed) take on The Little Shop of Horrors. Take a look at the list of artists after […]

Openings: Faile – “A Decade of Prints & Originals” @ Post No Bills

This past Thursday night, Post No Bills unveiled an impressive collection of work detailing the artistic trajectory of the Brooklyn-based duo known as Faile (featured). Covering the major part of an entire decade, the exhibit featured a vast collection of limited edition prints (two specific for this show), originals, silkscreen on book covers, and other archived material which in fact had never been available to the public. No puzzle boxes as predicted, but there were some puzzle blocks that were added to the huge installation in […]

Streets: Faile (Los Angeles)

Faile (featured), the Brooklyn-based artist collective, have revealed new work on the streets just a few blocks away (Gjelina Restaurant) from the Post No Bills Gallery in Venice, California where they are exhibiting a collection of work detailing their artistic careers (show photos to follow). The wall was covered in the salon style that has been seen in some of their recent street work and also featured a sprinkling of co-conspirator Bast’s imagery. More photos after the jump…

Previews: Faile – “Puzzle Boxes”

In anticipation for the upcoming mini retrospective – A Decade of Prints & Originals that Faile will be throwing at Post No Bills, we wanted to bring you a little preview of the collective’s latest fine art creation that will make an appearance at the show – Puzzle Boxes. Encased in their own hand-painted box, up to 88 blocks combine to form one of 6 base images (one for each side of the cube). This evolution from the original Faile Box seen at their UK show shows […]

Teaser: Faile – “A Decade of Prints & Originals” @ Post No Bills

You may remember in September of last year, Brookyln duo Faile held a pop-op show (covered) on the Lower East Side in New York. It now looks like Los Angeles will also get a taste of what the Patricks have to offer on June 24th with a somewhat similar but more extensive type show held at Post No Bills, a Venice-based print shop. With over a decades worth of archived works on paper, limited edition prints, and hand painted originals, many of which have never […]