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Previews: Artists Interpret “Last Rites” @ Last Rites Gallery

This Saturday night, March 8th, the Last Rites in New York will be presenting a group exhibition where 40 artists were asked to interpret the gallery’s namesake. The ancient ritual which dates back centuries in Catholicism continues to be practiced in modern times on those about to die and has been a concept seen in the work of many artists in the past. Appropriately, this show will inaugurate a new location for the showspace (325 W 38th St #1 NYC 10018) so add it to your list of […]

Preview: Last Rites Gallery 5 Year Anniversary Show

On Saturday night (April 13th), the Last Rites in New York will be celebrating their five year anniversary with a massive group show. Known for championing the dark arts, the gallery will once again house the works from artists who have ventured into the shadows of their mind to create works for the exhibition. The lineup includes Stefano Alcantara, Esao Andrews (above), Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Timothy Boor, Scott G. Brooks, Patrick Byers, Santiago Caruso, David Choquette, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Christopher Conte, […]

Openings: David Stoupakis & Matthew Bone – “Ashes To Sorrow” & “Raised By Wolves” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend in New York, the Last Rites Gallery hosted an opening for David Stoupakis (above) and Matthew Bone (directly below) as they unveiled all new paintings. Stoupakis’ dark imagery was apparent as Ashes To Sorrow explored somber fairy-tale like settings rendered beautifully by the locally-based artist. Bone brought a set of works collectively entitled Raised By Wolves with him that combines his love for pop culture and girls, apparently the more drenched the better. More opening photos below… Discuss this show here. Discuss David Stoupakis here. Discuss Matthew Bone here.

Preview: David Stoupakis & Matthew Bone – “Ashes To Sorrow” & “Raised By Wolves” @ Last Rites

Tomorrow night in New York, Last Rites will be continuing their devotion to the dark arts with new work from David Stoupakis (above) and Matthew Bone. Stoupakis will be putting a new collection of paintings on display collectively entitled Ashes To Sorrow featuring his haunting imagery and grim fairytale-like details. The show, his first solo at the gallery, is a continuation of his previous body of work – Walking with These Shadows. He states “It is a further journey for me to better understand loss, the unknown, what lies beyond and to […]

Openings: “MiXTAPE LA” @ Lebasse Projects (Chinatown)

Last night, the Chinatown location of LeBasse Projects hosted Mixtape Los Angeles, a group show curated by by Jessicka Adams and Brian Wakil of Dark Dark Science with part of the proceeds going to Downtown Dog Rescue and Stray Cat Alliance. Twenty four artists created pieces that explored “the effect of music on the process of creation” including Camille Rose Garcia, Elizabeth McGrath, Gary Baseman, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Matthew Bone, Melissa Haslam, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup and more. Check out this sweet dissected Abe Lincoln piece from Ryden […]

Openings: Matthew Bone, Soey Milk, Bonnie Reid, Christine Wu @ La Luz de Jesus

Last weekend, four artists presented a selection of their work at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. For this showing, Matthew Bone blended some elements of pop culture with his provocative imagery, Bonnie Reid explored the darker sides of childhood in her work, Christine Wu introduced flickering images of her characters in flux, while Soey Milk painted her ladies holding symbols of agony and pleasure. More photos from the opening taken for us by Richard Brooks after the jump…

Matthew Bone – “Paradise Lost” @ La Luz de Jesus

Tonight in Los Angeles, Matthew Bone is one of four artists (Bonnie Reid, Christine Wu, and Soey Milk) presenting work at La Luz de Jesus. It’s been a while since we last caught up with Bone (see 2009), and it looks like Paradise Lost features a collection of paintings combining his provocative imagery with his love for comics, Star Wars, and collectibles. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: “13th Hour” @ Last Rites

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it there is sure to be much art-related news. We’ll start things off with the annual 13th Hour group exhibition at Last Rites Gallery. Their roster of artists are well suited to use holiday as their muse because the New York gallery supports purveyors of dark surrealism with shows all year round. This 4th rendition of the show opens on October 28th and will feature a lineup of Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Colin Christian, […]

Openings: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last Rites Gallery, which bills itself as a home for artists that prefer to explore the darker side of their imagination, serves as the perfect backdrop for “Southern,” (previewed) the two-person solo show featuring the work of Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone currently on view at the gallery. At AM, we enjoy art that touches a nerve with viewers and garners strong reactions – this show certainly fits the bill. The crowd at the opening was delighted by the raw and uncut exploration of […]

Preview: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone open their two-person solo exhibition entitled “Southern” tomorrow, May 9th, at Last Rites Gallery. Both artists have quite the knack for painting images with a strong visual impact, each depicting their own edgy versions of sexy women. Viveros describes his approach to this show as “keeping the vibe STRONG and DIRTY homie, just the way we like it” in an interview with our friends at Sour Harvest while Bone continues his exploration of the “lurid underbelly of humanity.” In […]