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Openings: Max Kauffman – “Aether Ceremony” @ Black Book Gallery

Oakland based artist Max Kauffman made the trek back to his former home town of Denver, Colorado for his solo show Aether Ceremony at Black Book Gallery. True to the fictional element for which the show is named, the flowing lines and semi-abstracted imagery make the show feel light, elusive and Aether like. Kauffman uses color and geometry to tie the work together, giving the exhibition a cohesive and even narrative feel. Fans will recognize his continued use of decay and fatality as themes to deliver […]

Openings: Neu Folk Revival @ LeQuiVive Gallery

We recently brought you a preview of the group exhibition Oakland based artist Max Kauffman curated at Oakland’s LeQuiVive Gallery. Neu Folk Revival opened on 5th October and displays an analog survey of traditional folk based art with an emphasis on handmade, traditional art-making practices. The range of work on display is wide and varied with artists from a variety of backgrounds being brought together in this well curated exhibition – not necessarily tied together by aesthetic, but rather the emotive aspect of the craft and technique based work of each […]

Openings: Max Kauffman – ‘Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful’ @ Loakal Gallery

Earlier this month Max Kauffman opened his solo exhibition Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful at Loakal Gallery in Oakland. Folk-tinged, and stylistically defined by his watercolour colour palette of brown and blue hues, Kauffman’s work within the exhibition presents subject matter of broken down houses and landscape elements reclaimed by nature. There’s a level of calm and delicacy within the chaotic compositions, full of details that emerge and reveal themselves the further you look into Kauffman’s paintings. The Bay Area artist also painted a mural inside the […]

Previews: “Neu Folk Revival” @ LeQuiVive Gallery

Oakland based artist Max Kauffman has teamed up with LeQuiVive Gallery to put together a huge group exhibition entitled Neu Folk Revival. Here Kauffman acts as participant artist and also curator of the exhibition, which places its emphasis on the handmade, and traditional art making practices and covers a broad range of artists considered to be working within the realms of folk art – be they artists, illustrators or graffiti artists. Folk art carries an interesting aesthetic, and is something that is hard to describe or categorise, […]