We recently brought you a preview of the group exhibition Oakland based artist Max Kauffman curated at Oakland’s LeQuiVive Gallery. Neu Folk Revival opened on 5th October and displays an analog survey of traditional folk based art with an emphasis on handmade, traditional art-making practices. The range of work on display is wide and varied with artists from a variety of backgrounds being brought together in this well curated exhibition – not necessarily tied together by aesthetic, but rather the emotive aspect of the craft and technique based work of each of the individuals. Stand outs for us are pieces by Ryan Bubnis, Brian Robertson, Rich Jacobs, Troy Lovegates, Mildred, Mike Egan, Matt Leines, John Casey as well as work by Kauffman himself.

The full list of participating artists reads as follows with Ryan Bubnis, John Casey, Chip 7, Lisa Congdon, Uriel Correa, Cosmic Nuggets, Jennifer Davis, Cannon Dill, Doodles, Bill Dunlap, Mike Egan, John Fellows, Christian Brock Forrer, ghostpatrol, Robert Hardgrave, Katy Horan, Anthony Hurd, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Max Kauffman, Scot Lefavor, Matt Leines, Linsey Levendall, Justin Lovato, Troy Lovegates, Maseman, Erin McCarty, Mildred, Jaime Molina, Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair, Daryll Peirce, Jeremy Pruitt, Faring Purth, Jesse Reno, Ryan Riss, Brian Robertson, Katherine Rutter, Souther Salazar, Lucien Shapiro, Santos Shelton, Chris Silva, Colin Van Der Sluijs and Zio Ziegler all providing work for the show.

The exhibition runs until November 2nd. Pictures come courtesy of the curator.
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