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Releases: Jason Jaworski – “1000 Miles” Project and Zine Collection

Los Angeles is famously known, substantiated or otherwise, as a city that is impossible to walk. You must have a car and everyone drives everywhere. That’s why heavy traffic is such a fundamental feature of LA. While pondering “comminuted substances of existence” and inspired by the binary code of 1s and 0s that account for all of today’s digital technology, Jason Jaworski organized, in collaboration with MOCAtv, a 1000 mile walk performance throughout Los Angeles over the course of 100 days, completing 10 miles per day. Throwing a dart on […]

Videos: John Knuth – “Fly Paintings” for MOCAtv

MOCAtv recently released a video detailing the novel work of John Knuth and his little “assistants.” By feeding pigments to the over 250,000 common houseflies that were used in this new series of paintings, Knuth is able to create his artwork from the regurgitations over the canvases that form the insects’ environment. Make sure you get to the end of the video where you will see the resulting pieces…  

Videos: RETNA for MOCAtv

MOCAtv recently released a new video featuring the Los Angeles-based RETNA (featured) spanning several projects put together in conjunction with the museum. The footage includes an interview with the graffiti artist as he talked about his two recent murals, The Falcon Before and After – 2013 and Para Mi Gente, Los Pintores de Nuestra Alma, painted at the Grand Ave Location for their 2013 Gala. Also discussed was his work with the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Program (see RETNA’s other collaborations with the fashion line here and here). Discuss RETNA here.

Videos: Gary Baseman X Die Antwoord – “Buckingham Warrior” on MOCAtv

MOCAtv just released their newest video Buckingham Warrior, a tale inspired by Gary Baseman’s (interviewed) father who survived the holocaust. Ben Baseman fought the Nazi invasion in Ukraine’s birch tree forests for almost four years and this new music video (animated by Peter Markowski and scored by South-African duo Die Antwoord) tells his story in his son’s signature imagery. This was created in association with Gary’s current exhibition, The Door Is Always Open (covered) at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Discuss Gary Baseman here.

Videos: David Choe for MOCAtv

For those who haven’t had a chance to visit David Choe’s “batcave,” here is an in-depth look courtesy of MOCAtv. Along with studio where he does his painting, the complex also acts as a garage, radio station, bachelor pad, and bonus level. Take a look at the video below as Choe gives a guided tour of the space including his unusually sparse bedroom where he sleeps with a modified AR-15. Discuss David Choe here.

Videos: Os Gemeos for MOCAtv

Last year in Boston, Os Gemeos painted a mural in conjunction with their showing at the Institute of Contemporary Art (covered). Now, MOCAtv has just released a video (seen below) documenting the progress along with some commentary from the twins as they talked about the entire project. Covered in the conversation with the two from São Paulo included their feelings about the piece being the first of its scale in Boston, musings on the meaning of art, and more… Photo credit: Maris. Discuss Os Gemeos here.

Interviews / Videos: RISK for MOCAtv

While in town for Basel Week Miami, AM had the pleasure to spend some time with RISK who was painting new murals in the Overtown area, many of which were collaborative pieces. We also had the chance to set up an interview with the respected LA-based writer and talk a little about his work, his views on graffiti as an art form, his influences, his deconstructive color wash technique, as well as about the new video by Todd Mazer released today on MOCAtv. Check out […]

Videos: ROA on MOCAtv

This week’s new video from MOCAtv in their Art In The Streets section comes from ROA and filmmaker Colin Day. Like most of the previous videos in the series (also see JR, Barry McGee, RETNA, and Swoon), there is ample footage of the artists in the streets as well as at times in the studio. This particular piece also features a monologue from the Belgium-based street muralist as he discusses the philosophy behind his art, how he chooses his subjects, as well as his last solo show in San […]

Videos / MOCAtv: Swoon – “Konbit Shelter”

Thanksgiving sees another worthy release from MOCAtv featuring Caledonia “Swoon” Curry (interviewed) and her time in Haiti. In the video, the NY-based artist talks about how she enjoys working on things outside of her studio, which can be confining at times. By moving her work outdoors (like with her street work), it allows her to increase her interactions with people and led to projects like the Swimming Cities of Serenissima and now Konbit Shelter.The new project for Bigones-Leogane, Haiti includes a community center to hold workshops, house the works of local […]

Videos: RETNA on MOCAtv

Continuing their strong lineup (also see JR & Barry McGee), MOCAtv has released a new video on the times and life of RETNA (featured). Along with footage from his studio, show openings, and work in the streets, you can also see footage of the MSK / AWR affiliated writer talk about his beginnings, the philosophy behind his work, and what he hopes to accomplish with his art. Discuss RETNA here.