Los Angeles is famously known, substantiated or otherwise, as a city that is impossible to walk. You must have a car and everyone drives everywhere. That’s why heavy traffic is such a fundamental feature of LA. While pondering “comminuted substances of existence” and inspired by the binary code of 1s and 0s that account for all of today’s digital technology, Jason Jaworski organized, in collaboration with MOCAtv, a 1000 mile walk performance throughout Los Angeles over the course of 100 days, completing 10 miles per day. Throwing a dart on the map and using that hit as a starting point, the artist physically went out and walked and turned those journeys into a collection of images, textworks, routes, maps and other items available from SSK Press. With this collection, he sought to “make a tangible form out of each step and memory created while walking.” Will he inspire you to walk Los Angeles (or wherever you are) too?