Finally after years of hoping and wanting, we got an Anish Kapoor dish… coffee cup and dish that is. Italian Coffee maker illy has commissioned the famous Indian artist to design this year’s artist cup for their prestigious Art Collection which has seen collaborations with some of art’s most celebrated artists such as Jeff Koons, Louise Bourgeois and Robert Rauschenberg.

At first glance, one may notice that this cup and saucer garners the same perfectly polished metallic surface that we’ve come to expect from many of Kapoor’s iconic sculptures. That’s because the surface is coated with a specially created gold, platinum and palladium alloy. This gives the cup an illusory look of an infinite depth. If that wasn’t enough, the saucer has a hole in the center to allow the user to place the dish over the cup – then voila, you have your own instant Anish Kapoor mini-sculpture! Bad new is that it sold out in a flash, but good news is that a few more may become available this fall here.

Glad to see that Anish has found time work on small projects as well as bigger projects like his Leviathan in Paris and designing London’s coming Olympic Tower. Check out our detailed look at this wonderful collaboration after the jump.

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