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Events: Brooklyn Museum – Artist Talk & Book Signing with Shepard Fairey

The last time we were at the Brooklyn Museum, we were taking in Takashi Murakami’s Retrospective (covered).  Recently, we went back with our friend  Shepard Fairey as he gave an insightful artist discussion (previewed) along with a book signing for museum patrons and fans.  Lining up as early as 11AM to get a prime seat, many of New York’s art fans came out to listen to Shepard speak about his turbulent history in the street art scene. The talk also became interactive as attendees were […]

Video: Ed Templeton – “The Cemetery of Reason” @ S.M.A.K.

Ed Templeton recently opened his biggest museum show ever in Belgium at S.M.A.K with over 1200 works from all over the world serving as a mid-career survey for the American photographer and contemporary artist. “The Cemetery of Reason” features old and new work including paintings, photographs, silkscreens, and painted objects, many of which are arranged into some pretty awesome clusters. Take a look at some opening footage as well as Templeton’s commentary on the new exhibition. Via Hypebeast.

Showing: Damien Hirst – “Cornucopia @ Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Is it just us or is it a little ironic that Damien Hirst is showing at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, especially since included is one of his famous formaldehyde shark tanks (although this current specimen, a great white was apparently already dead, unlike the tiger shark that rocketed him to fame in 1992)? As we first told you about here, Hirst’s show, which will run through September, is a retrospective of his most famous pieces including spin paintings, skulls, and formaldehyde pieces, but none […]

Openings: Amanda Visell – “Primeval Love” @ the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

As mentioned in our preview, Amanda Visell’s exhibition, “Primeval Love” opened last Friday at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Because of the vintage feel to her paintings and the imagery she decided to work with, the show blended in perfectly with the surroundings. In fact, as you can see from the photo above, this was definitely one of most unique and eye-catching settings we have seen for an exhibition in a while. More images after the jump…

Teaser: Damien Hirst – “Cornucopia” @ Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Damien Hirst is heading up the centenary celebration for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco with his latest “Cornucopia” exhibition. Much like his recent Gagosian Gallery show in NYC (covered), this installment will feature 60 works that span the major points of his illustrious career. From butterflies, medicinal cabinets, spot & spin paintings, and formaldehyde glass tanks, museum goers in the exclusive city of Monaco will be able to experience the brand of art only the YBA artist can produce. The show opens up April 2nd. Image […]

Openings: Os Gemeos – “Vertigem” @ CCBB Brasilia

The twins from Sao Paulo have opened the next installment of their famed “Verti” exhibition at the CCBB Brasilia. Following the mind blowing and successful show at the CCBB of Rio De Janerio (covered), Os Gemeos continued their home country museum tour with another astonishing body of work. With their signature yellow characters and bright array of hometown colors, we see them create another stunning exhibition with installations of cars, boxes and visually interactive goodies for the lucky folks of Brazil. The exhibition runs until May […]

Cy Twombly Paints for the Ceiling of the Louvre

Contemporary artist and legend Cy Twombly was recently commissioned by the Louvre to create a mural to for the ceiling of one of its oldest wings. This is an honor bestowed to only two other artists before Twombly and the first for an American artist. For one of world’s most prestigious museums, Twombly chose to contrast it’s rich history of complex classical art with an abstract contemporary flare by utilizing a canvas with a blue hue with floating geometric discs emblazoned with the names of […]

Brooklyn Museum: Artist Talk & Book Signing with Shepard Fairey

For those of you in NYC that can’t wait for  Shepard Fairey’s (featured) upcoming show at Deitch Projects (previewed), AM just got official confirmation that the Brooklyn Museum will be hosting a special artist-talk & discussion with Shepard Fairey on Sunday, April 25th. Along with the interactive artist-talk, the famed street artist will also stay for a special book signing session for those in attendance. This is a great opportunity to listen to Shepard talk on urban art and its possible impact on our generation. The good news […]

Sketchbook: Banksy

Last summer, AM flew out to the UK and took a road trip up to Bristol to visit Banksy’s exhibition at the Bristol Museum. As we mentioned, Banksy made an installation that replicated his studio and in that brilliant space, we realized that he had numerous pages from his sketchbook. Between chuckles, we zoomed in to take detail pictures of each one. From “No Ball Games” to “NOLA” to more that we’ve yet to see used, this edition of our sketchbook feature gives us a […]

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “Supply & Demand” @ Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center (Day 2)

Friday afternoon picked up right where Thursday evening left off (covered). Members of the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) were invited in at 6 pm for a one hour open bar, prior to Shepard’s artist talk at 7 pm. The talk was moderated by show curator Pedro Alonzo, and covered a wide range of topics from the last 20 years, beginning with the creation and dissemination of the original Andre the Giant sticker, all the way up to and including Shepard Fairey’s ongoing legal struggles with […]