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Preview: TrustoCorp – “The International Bank of TrustoCorp” @ The Outsiders Gallery (Newcastle)

The Brooklyn based street art collective, TrustoCorp have found themselves busy lately as you saw just yesterday here on Arrested Motion with their most recent bus stop campaign in Los Angeles. Now if that isn‘t ambitious enough for you, they have also managed to incorporate a pretty decent body of new work to open at the Newcastle-based Outsiders gallery tomorrow night (October 5th) all in typical TrustoCorp thumb your nose fashion. Here is a sneak peak below… Words by Manuel Bello. Discuss Trustocorp here.

Ben Eine – “TO EXPRESS” Installation @ Onethirty3

The Onethirty3 project space in Newcastle ended their memorable two year run with a new installation from Ben Eine entitled TO EXPRESS. Artists who have made their mark at the location included Herakut, Paul Insect, Sickboy, Gaia, Titifreak (covered), INCH, Amy Dover, and Hush (covered) who organized the entire project. Guess all good things eventually come to an end. Photo credit: David Bilbrough / Dan Graham. Discuss Eine here.

Streets: The London Police @ Unit44

Last week, Newcastle was gifted a huge new mural all the way from Amsterdam as The London Police painted their iconic characters at Unit44. The duo christened their new wall with a showing at the Hoults Yard showspace including a selection of originals and limited editions. Take a look below at more in-progress photos and detailed looks at the LADS having some aquatic fun courtesy of the two English geezers. Discuss The London Police here.

Teaser: Tom French & Rone – “Don’t Look Back” @ Zero Cool

Next week Thursday, April 26th, the Zero Cool Gallery will be hosting a joint exhibition by Tom French (featured) and Rone entitled Don’t Look Back. Last we heard, French’s studio was in Newcastle so this will be local for him. It looks like he will be including some of those fantastic skull pieces that play on perspective in this showing while Australian street artist Rone will be contributing some of his stylized portraits. A look from Rone and the showcard after the jump…

Studio Visit / Preview: Brett Amory – “Waiting 101” @ Lazarides (Newcastle)

A few Sundays ago, AM decided to swing by Brett Amory’s Oakland studio while he was preparing for his upcoming Lazarides solo entitled Waiting 101 at the Newcastle location. This show marks an evolution in his creative process, as he now carries his iPhone everywhere he goes and is able to immediately capture a moment whenever he feels inspired (whereas before, it would take months to compile images to use for his work). One thing we noticed was that all of the work for the […]