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Upcoming: Candice Tripp – “Credulous Morons” @ Baltic 39

In celebration of Newcastle’s Late Shows, Candice Tripp (interviewed) will be holding a one night only show at Baltic 39 on May 12th. Based on an extension of the open studio platform, the locally based artist will be exhibiting the work that she creates between shows that often doesn’t see the light of day. Entitled Credulous Morons, the new pieces from Tripp will feature her special brand of deliciously dark imagery. Discuss Candice Tripp here.

Showing: DALeast – “Redok” @ The Outsiders (Newcastle)

On the 22nd of November, The Outsiders in Newcastle opened a solo by Chinese born artist DALeast (interviewed). For this show, the South Africa-based painter created six large canvases, as well as six matching pen on paper studies, a video installation, and an exclusive limited edition etching created at gallery’s print studio. The title of the show, REDOK, is the phonetic English spelling for a Tibetan expression of hope and fear, two emotions that rule lives. Stepping away from his previous practice of painting dynamic movement scenes, DAL instead presented […]

Releases / Previews: DALeast – “Redok” @ The Outsiders (Newcastle)

Capetown-based artist DALeast is opening a highly anticipated solo show with The Outsiders in Newcastle on the 22nd of November. The title of the show, Redok, comes from a Tibetan phrase meaning “hope and fear,” and represents the emotions the artist tries to show with his works. The main part of this coherent new body of work are six large scale acrylic on canvas pieces on tea stained backgrounds, created over many months. With the largest piece being 200cm tall, and the smallest around 120cm, these will be some […]

Previews: Mr Jago – ‘Piltdown Tactics’ @ The Outsiders

Tomorrow, Mr Jago brings his explosive graffiti-based palette to The Outsiders gallery space in Newcastle. Piltdown Tactics will feature Jago’s trademark riot of colour in the form of the large scale canvases he has become known for, also with some works on paper in the mix from the Bristol-based artist. His work takes the form of a graffiti inspired vision of action painting and infuses a healthy dose of abstract expressionism to create his loose but focussed, landscape compositions. The exhibition opens on Thursday 17th October and […]

Previews: Saber – “Ugly American” @ The Outsiders (Newcastle)

Tomorrow (September 6th) in the UK, SABER (interviewed) will be unveiling all new works at The Outsiders in Newcastle. Entitled Ugly American, the graffiti artist’s European solo debut looks to feature two distinct set of works. One series consists of wood depictions (featured here) of the US Flag and the Union Jack, scarred and covered with his mark-making. The other pieces in the show are his abstract tags and urban calligraphy, sometimes peeking through from the back. Take a look at more preview images below… Discuss Saber here.

Upcoming: Saber – “Ugly American” @ The Outsiders (Newcastle)

It looks like the next showing for SABER (interviewed) after his big exhibition in New York (covered) earlier this year will be at The Outsiders in Newcastle – opening to the public on September 6th. Entitled Ugly American, the American graffiti artist’s European solo debut will feature urban depictions of both the American flag and of the Union Jack. He explains the show title as “a reference to the excesses, and foul nature, that some believe Americans possess. Obviously this has similarities to modern Britain too, but… I come […]

Openings: “Into The Dark” @ Unit 44 / Newcastle Victoria Tunnel

For those of you who couldn’t make it out to check out Into The Dark, a group exhibition in Newcastle’s Victoria Tunnel presented by Unit 44, here are some photos to give you an idea of what the experience was like. Artists Candice Tripp, D*Face, Eelus, Faith47, Hendrik Beikirch, Hush, Meggs, Pedro Matos, Shepard Fairey, Stormie Mills, Will Barras, and Word to Mother provided work for the unusual event as attendees traveled into the depths for their night of art enjoyment. If anyone would like to see the PDF from the show […]

Upcoming: “Into The Dark” @ Unit 44 / Newcastle Victoria Tunnel

Coming up on June 12th, Unit 44 will be presenting Into The Dark, a group exhibition in Newcastle’s Victoria Tunnel (ala Lazarides’ subterranean Hell’s Half Acre & Minotaur events). On tap to provide works are artists Candice Tripp, D*Face, Eelus, Faith47, Hendrik Beikirch, Hush, Meggs, Pedro Matos, Shepard Fairey, Stormie Mills, Will Barras, and Word to Mother. Free tickets to the event will be released released on the June 1st at midday (UK time) with the link revealed through their social media for those interested in […]

Streets: Anthony Lister (Newcastle)

After sharing Anthony Lister (filmed) work on the streets of London, here are now photos of some walls he painted in Newcastle as he ramps up for his simultaneous exhibitions opening on Friday (November 16th) at the Outsiders in both cities. Unslung Heroes is the title for the new paintings and sculptures as the Aussie street artist gets ready to be the the first to occupy both Outsiders locations since David Choe made his UK debut in 2008. More pics below… Photo credit: Ian Cox / Wallkandy. Discuss Anthony Lister here.

Showing: TrustoCorp – “International Bank of TrustoCorp” @ The Outsiders Gallery (Newcastle)

Earlier this month, the street collective TrustoCorp made their debut outside of the USA with a showing at Newcastle-based Outsiders gallery entitled International Bank of TrustoCorp. Bringing their special form of satire and political commentary, the crew put on display a series of works that transformed the gallery into a counterfeit counting house that examined the power of currency. They state: “We’re exploring the power of money in our lives on a local and international level. From the high power gambling of Wall Street to the broken dreams of Main […]