It looks like the next showing for SABER (interviewed) after his big exhibition in New York (covered) earlier this year will be at The Outsiders in Newcastle – opening to the public on September 6th. Entitled Ugly American, the American graffiti artist’s European solo debut will feature urban depictions of both the American flag and of the Union Jack. He explains the show title as “a reference to the excesses, and foul nature, that some believe Americans possess. Obviously this has similarities to modern Britain too, but… I come from this culture thatʼs so self-centered and self-preserved, and I want to expose the cracks in it. Not just the endless wars, or PRISM and the treatment of Edward Snowden, but healthcare. In America thereʼs no philosophy of preventative care. In the UK, thereʼs an empathy directed towards the patient. In the US, you get ill and you lose your home. Iʼm a messenger for the future telling the British people what itʼs going to be like when the NHS is fully privatized.”

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