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Introducing: Google’s Data Center Mural Project

With numerous street art/mural festivals being organized around the world, with the idea of bringing the finest street art to city centers and beautifying the urban area, Google recently took a slightly different approach to the concept with their Data Center Mural Project. The idea of this massive program is to beautify their large data centers around the globe and connect them with the people that drive and walk past them. Whether it’s sharing photos, searching the web, or translating languages, billions of requests are sent to these […]

Showing: Dalek @ Womb Gallery

James Marshall (Dalek) recently opened a show at the Womb Gallery in Oklahoma City featuring some minimalistic geometric paintings that bring to mind the nurturing motherly environs referenced by the name of the gallery. The pieces bring to mind a the hues used in similar piece for the recent MTV RE:DEFINE benefit auction (covered). More photos after the jump…