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Showing: “You Are Welcome Here: Paintings by Paul Wackers” @ Morgan Lehman 2

Currently in New York at Morgan Lehman’s auxiliary space (526 West 26th Street, 4th Floor), there is a small popup show of Paul Wacker’s work on view. Running from March 8-10, the short term exhibition will feature a book launch party Friday night (5 – 8 pm) featuring Wacker’s newest book – You Are Welcome Here. The gorgeous new 239 page monograph includes much of his work from last 10 years, his modern take on still life portraits. Discuss Paul Wackers here.

Basel Week Miami ’16: Pulse Art Fair

This year’s edition of the Pulse Art Fair at Indian Beach Park once again proved the reputation of the fair as one of the worthy satellite fairs of Basel Week Miami. Including over 70 galleries and their 200 artists, the fair featured new works from galleries all the way from Colombia, Spain, China to Japan. After visiting both tents of the fair on its second day, we felt the work was well curated, giving a nice overview of exciting new art being produced around the world. Without any order, some of the […]

Showing: Paul Wackers – “New Alphabet” @ Alice Gallery

New Alphabet, a solo from Paul Wackers will be showing through the rest of the week in Brussels at Alice Gallery. His imagery is almost collage-like in the way he puts together everyday objects, plants, and abstract shapes into one cohesive composition. Along with his signature color-filled paintings that can be seen as a modern take on still life portraits, he also produced some pieces that were in black and white. Photo credit: The gallery & artist (via Emporium’s) Discuss Paul Wackers here.

Previews: Paul Wackers – “New Alphabet” @ Alice Gallery

After a showing there in 2012, Paul Wackers will be returning to Brussels for another showing at Alice Gallery. The American artist has a new body of work to present entitled New Alphabet, and has been living in the capital of Belgium at the Encore space next to the gallery. Fans who attend the opening later tonight (September 17th) can expect to see his modern take on still life paintings, full color and monochromatic. Discuss Paul Wackers here.

Previews: Paul Wackers – “Thank You For Being You” @ Morgan Lehman Gallery

Set to open on Thursday night (June 18th), Thank You For Being You is Paul Wackers’ second solo (see 2011) with Morgan Lehman Gallery. As seen by the preview images included here, the New York-based artist’s work continues to focus on shelves, windows, and interior landscapes that feature objects we are familiar with but also abstract forms – whether it be a few brushstrokes or a dab of spraypaint. This intriguing mix of detailed depiction of everyday objects with non-representational imagery is mirrored in his […]

Showing: “View Point Geon” @ Narwhal Contemporary

Currently showing at Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto is a three person show entitled View Point Geon featuring the work of Matthew Feyld, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Paul Wackers. For this exhibition, the Canada-based Feyld continues to explore the continued abstraction of his figurative work while Ilizarbe brings Haring-esque patterned wall sculptures from Peru. Finally, Wackers who works in New York, put his special type of still life painting on display along with an interesting move into ceramic works (see above). These new sculptural representations of his artistic […]

Basel Week Miami ’13: Pulse

One of the long-time satellite fairs we always check out during Art Basel Week in Miami is Pulse. As in previous years, the fair was held at The Ice Palace, just south of Wynwood, and consisted of a wide range of domestic and international galleries, including New Image Art, Martha Otero, Yancey Richardson and Mixed Greens. Visitors were greeted outside by installations by Tim Biskup (seen directly below and Brandon Vickerd, and when inside, they were treated to a dizzying array of intriguing contemporary works by young as […]

Preview: Paul Wackers – “Almost Somewhere” @ Narwhal Projects

After a recent showing in Los Angeles (covered), Paul Wackers will be taking his contemporary still life paintings up north for an exhibition at Narwhal Projects, opening on June 13th. Almost Somewhere will be the Brooklyn-based artist’s first showcase at the Toronto gallery and will continue his representations of domestic collections of objects and plants in his unique way. Wacker’s imagery include of geometric & abstract elements and is richly textured & layered, a result of his technique that often times include multiple components that are created separately before assemblage. […]

Showing: Paul Wackers – “Early Romantics” @ New Image Art

AM stopped by New Image Art yesterday to take in a new set of paintings from the the Brooklyn-based Paul Wackers. Early Romantics put on display Wacker’s modern take on still life painting with the inclusion of geometric and abstract elements added to the mix. On top of that, his inventive multi-method technique works extra layers into the composition (multiple components are created separately before assemblage). Head over to take a look in person (especially take time to enjoy the large showstopper piece seen above) before the show conclusion at […]

Upcoming: Paul Wackers – “Early Romantics” @ New Image Art

Later tonight (February 16), New Image Art will be presenting all new works from the Brooklyn-based Paul Wackers. Building on the last solo show we witnessed back in 2011 in New York (covered), Wackers continues exploring his form of still life painting which takes the additional step of adding geometric and abstract elements, but also evokes memories of the work of old master artists. The show runs through the end of March. Discuss this show here. Discuss Paul Wackers here.