This year’s edition of the Pulse Art Fair at Indian Beach Park once again proved the reputation of the fair as one of the worthy satellite fairs of Basel Week Miami. Including over 70 galleries and their 200 artists, the fair featured new works from galleries all the way from Colombia, Spain, China to Japan.

After visiting both tents of the fair on its second day, we felt the work was well curated, giving a nice overview of exciting new art being produced around the world. Without any order, some of the personal standout works included the impressive Jose Parla canvases, Christian Rex van Minnen and Nicola Verlato oils, Andrew Schoultz canvases and large wall mural (seen above), the Patricia Piccinini sculpture, Giuliano Sale’s abstract figurative oils, the Henriette Grahnert playful mixed media pieces, Paul Wackers’ vibrant paintings, and Brian Willmont’s harmonious poppy flower canvases. The show will stay on view until December 4th, so make sure you find some time to visit if you’re in the city.

Photo credit: @sashabogojev for Arrested Motion.
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