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Interviews: SABER

Known as one of the best graffiti writers of all-time, SABER can also be described as a pioneer, legend, hero, Guinness World Records holder, and activist. Most of all though, he is an artist. An artist in the true sense of the word. One with keen and insightful observations and expressions of the world he lives in, the beauty that surrounds him, and the injustices that affect him. He has dedicated his entire adult life to the work he believes in, often at great risk […]

Streets: Saber

Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Saber recently threw up a new mural on the corner of 7th and Mateo, showing he can get his street art on as well. The piece, part of the L.A. Freewalls Project (see D*Face’s contribution), features skyline imagery as well as what looks to be one of the legendary artist’s famous tags on one of the foreground walls. More images after the jump…

Video: Saber’s “Flag 2010” Message to America and Print Release

So, the flag print and political statement from Saber we first told you about here is finally ready for release. “Flag 2010” will be a 11 color Serigraph on hand-made Nepalese Cannabina Fiber with all separations hand-painted in studio at Modern Multiples (who we visited in November) by Saber. The edition was created in 3 separate colorways – 60 Prints in Red/White/Blue, 15 Prints in Black/White, and a hand-laid Gold Leaf edition of 3.  Take a look at Saber’s new video message (including some strong […]

Behind the Scenes: Saber x Modern Multiples – Flag Print

Many of you may remember the video that Saber produced for the “Organizing For America’s Health Care Reform Video Challenge” (if not, take a look after the jump). Although he was demonized by some of the media for “defacing” the American flag, anyone with a little common sense would see his painting as an “interpretation of the American flag being overwhelmed by the language of his personal struggle with our country’s system of medical care.” Battling epilepsy himself, the graffiti artist felt he had to […]

Openings: Ron English – “Nimbus Vapor” @ Opera Gallery

Ron English has been a busy man since his show at Elm’s Lester (studio visit and opening). Last month, he “tagged” the skyline of NYC with clouds (here) in preparation for his curated show “Nimbus Vapor” at Opera Gallery (previewed). Last week AM attended the opening of Ron’s curated take on the most important street artists of our time consisting of a hall of fame lineup consisting of names such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Daze, Crash, Shepard Fairey (featured), Faile, Futura, Logan […]

Preview: Nimbus Vapor @ Opera Gallery

Opening quietly tonight at the Opera Gallery in New York is “Nimbus Vapor,” a survey of street art scene (past and present).  Curated by Ron English, the show will feature works from artists such as Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Daze, Crash, Ron English (of course), Shepard Fairey (featured), Faile, Futura, Logan Hicks (interviewed), Anthony Lister (interviewed), the London Police, Revok, Stash, Saber, Swoon (interviewed) and the always controversial Mr. Brainwash (seen above with a piece that uses a technique similar to what he did for […]