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Openings: Sam Wolfe Connelly & Casey Curran: “Nocturne” & “Dissymmetry” @ Roq La Rue

Sam Wolfe Connelly (seen above) recently opened his solo show titled Nocturne at Roq La Rue. Film-like grain permeates his graphite drawings, with subject matter lending itself heavily to the eeriness of a moonlit night spent in the woods, where whispers can be heard if you listen hard enough. Interspersed between them are oil paintings, predominated in orange and red hues, which pull the viewer out of the trance that the monotone pieces create. A couple conte on mylar pieces are also added to mix, and […]

Preview: Sam Wolfe Connelly – “Nocturne” @ Roq La Rue

Tonight in Seattle, Sam Wolfe Connelly has a solo show opening at the Roq La Rue gallery featuring his dark and mysterious imagery. The NY-based painter will be putting a new body of work on display entitled Nocturne which will introduce art fans to his visual language which is at the same time delicately beautiful and sinister at the same time. The show runs through March 2nd for those in the area. Discuss Sam Wolfe Connelly here.

Openings: Sam Wolfe Connelly – “Semiprecious” @ Spoke Art

Last Saturday evening, Spoke Art hosted Washington DC-based artist Sam Wolf Connelly’s first solo exhibition. The show is entitled Semiprecious, with the works having the narrative of being left behind because of flaws, for something more special and perfect. The significance of the gems in his work represents someone trying to steal back what they’ve lost, but ending up digging themselves in a hole that they cannot get out of (like ending up in a mineshaft and being stuck with nothing but gems and soot). […]