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Openings: Andrew Schoultz – “Compound Eyes on the World” @ Marx & Zavattero

In San Francisco, headlining the official opening of the art season last night was Andrew Schoultz’ new body of work at Marx & Zavattero. “Compound Eyes on the World” is Schoultz’ second solo at the gallery and draws attention to the vast amount and chaotic nature of information in the modern world. His signature kinetic imagery and the array of mixed media works, paintings, drawings, sculpture & installations lend itself perfectly to the themes he is exploring and leads inevitably to the question of how […]

Preview / Setup: Andrew Schoultz – “Compound Eyes on the World” @ Marx & Zavattero

Opening on September 11, the show many San Franciscans have been waiting for –  Andrew Schoultz returns to his hometown for his second solo exhibition at Marx & Zavattero.  If it’s Schoultz, you can be sure it involves dense, colorful, kinetic, immersive, and choatic artwork, as is evidenced by these preview shots.  For this show, the artist explores the nature of history and the reconciliation of meaning versus the vast amount of information available today.  If you are in town, you are best served to […]