In San Francisco, headlining the official opening of the art season last night was Andrew Schoultz’ new body of work at Marx & Zavattero. “Compound Eyes on the World” is Schoultz’ second solo at the gallery and draws attention to the vast amount and chaotic nature of information in the modern world. His signature kinetic imagery and the array of mixed media works, paintings, drawings, sculpture & installations lend itself perfectly to the themes he is exploring and leads inevitably to the question of how we as a society are supposed to find meaning in this maelstrom.

Perhaps the answer is – we aren’t meant to and we won’t amidst the propaganda and information we are inundated with. It’s telling that seen in the tornado of symbols, energetic explosions, bursts of light and color is Schoultz’ use of the omnipresent and all-seeing eye most often seen on the US dollar bill.

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Photos courtesy of Gamma888. Empty gallery shots via the gallery.
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