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Setup: Mark Jenkins – “Meaning is Overrated” & Aakash Nihalani – “On & Off (Often On)” @ Carmichael Gallery

It’s always interesting to see how street artists adapt their art to fit into a gallery setting, especially when they are so non-conventional (even for street art) like Mark Jenkins and Aakash Nihalani.  The duo will bring their “urban interventions” indoors tomorrow night at the Carmichael Gallery – Jenkins with “Meaning is Overrated” and Nihalani with “On & Off (Often On).” Take a look at more pics of the artists setting up after the jump…

Preview: Andrew Hem – “One Leads to Another” @ LeBasse Projects

Andrew Hem (interviewed) is opening an expansive show tonight at LeBasse Projects featuring paintings, drawings, and sculptural work. Entitled “One Leads to Another,” the exhibition was influenced extensively by his recent trip to Cambodia. Through his artwork, Andrew asks what if the millions of people that died during the Khmer Rouge period, especially the children had lived on instead? How might things have been different?  Be sure to read more about this on the Erratic Phenomena blog. Also, check out some preview images after the […]

Adam Wallacavage – Tarina Tarantino x Sephora Launch Pary

Fashion and art often intersect (Louis Vuitton x Murakami, Sprouse, and Hirst, Shu Uemura x Ai Yamaguchi, just to name a few) , so it comes as no surprise that we see Tarina Tarantino ask Adam Wallacavage to help her with the launch party of her new Sephora “Beauty Collection” set to be released in March. Looks like custom pink versions of Wallacavage signature octopus chandeliers were out in full force during the event. Take a look at more pics after the jump…

Jeff Koons & Damien Hirst Prices Drop 50%

Two of the biggest stars of the art boom in the latter part of the last decade, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, were bound to feel the effects of the down economy. It’s taken some time to compile the data of all the fallout but it looks like their works have taken about a 50% hit in value since those happier times. On the brighter side, sounds as though the fairly or unfairly portrayed scapegoats of the art world’s extravagance should make a recovery eventually, […]

Preview: Colin Christian – “Inner Space” @ Opera Gallery (London)

It looks like Colin Christian (whose art was recently featured in Kayne West’s concert) is planning to go big with his upcoming show in London at the Opera Gallery. “Inner Space” will feature Colin’s full-bodied sculptures of luscious girls in what look to be tight latex suits – completely understandable as he used to make latex clothing for fetish stores around the country before he started creating his own art. It also looks like he’ll be going large scale with his signature head sculptures (seen […]

Openings: The LOST Underground Art Show @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

AM stopped by earlier this month to check out the “LOST” show at Gallery 1988 (LA) only to be confronted by a long line of fans that lined up overnight as well as a media frenzy that ensued. We did manage to get inside and snap some pics of the artwork eventually for all to enjoy. It was nice to see many of the characters we love remixed and reinterpreted into paintings that were often subtle and well conceived. Take a look after the jump…

Video: Dzine @ Bass Museum of Art

Vernissage TV was on hand to document one of the shows we enjoyed during our visit to Miami for Art Basel Week. As we previously mentioned, Chicago- based artist Dzine brought his sculptures, paintings and installations for an exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art with a custom chandelier and “ghost bike” being some of the standout pieces. Take a look as he walks through and explains his work. Discuss Art Basel week here.

Showing: Cai Guo-Qiang – “Hanging Out In The Museum” @ Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Currently showing at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum is a major exhibition from gunpowder artist extraordinaire Cai Guo Qiang. As you can see in the video above, Qiang demonstrated his explosive technique by creating some of his signature pieces (also seen in the “Stages” show) in person. Far from a one trick pony, Qiang brings with him a body of work similar to what we witnessed at the Guggenheim in New York last year with his “hanging car” installation, “headlong rush of wolves” installation, “sunken […]

Video: Kris Kuksi – “Plague Parade: Opus 2”

On a return trip to take in Kris Kuksi’s show “Beast Anthology” (covered) at Joshua Liner Gallery, we decided to take a quick video of one of the pieces to give you a better perspective of how incredibly detailed his work is. The piece we chose was “Plague Parade: Opus 2,” one of the larger pieces in the show at 42 x 62 x 16 inches. Take a look at all the mixed media assemblage goodness of this piece in the recorded footage above. Discuss […]

Scott Radke – Burrowing Owl Sculpture

Scott Radke (interviewed) recently posted up pics of a new sculpture – his interpretation of the “Burrowing Owl.” The piece is for what is turning out to be a pretty good show – the “A Cry For Help” benefit exhibition that we told you about last week scheduled for next month at Thinkspace.  Take a look at more views after the jump…