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Sketchbook: James Jean

Fans of James Jean (interviewed) may remember his recent work with Linkin Park on the cover of their new album (covered). While wokring on the concepts and fleshing out the imagery for that project, the gifted artist filled up one of his sketchbooks with some pretty amazing drawings. Take a look at more photos over on Hypebeast as well as some more samples below… Photo credit: Sean Marc Lee / Hypebeast. Discuss James Jean here.

Sketchbook: Elbow-Toe

It’s time to once again revisit our sketchbook feature. This time, we highlight some of the drawings of Elbow-Toe (interviewed) who we recently caught up with in London.  If you remember he was in town for his Black Rat Projects show (covered) and also found time to get up on the streets. Looks like besides his more complicated self-described “cut paper paintings,” the NY-based artist also has some traditional drawing skills. Take a look at more of these studies after the jump that he worked […]

Sketchbook: Yoskay Yamamoto (Part II)

We continue our look at artists’ sketchbooks with a peek at Yoskay Yamamoto’s (featured) recent efforts.  You may remember that we had brought you a glance through his sketches almost a year ago.  In fact, Yoskay was one of our first sketchbook features.  He most recently showed some work at Roq La Rue (covered) where the tried a new medium – paintings on paper – we’ll see if this continues in 2011. More pics after the jump…

Sketchbook: Amy Sol

Inspired by some night-time walks by the coastline in the Northwest, Amy Sol (interviewed) recently filled her sketchbook with some night scenery since her last show was at Corey Helford (covered). It remains to be seen whether this translates to actual paintings, which actually would be pretty interesting. We are looking forward to her part in a monster group show towards the end of 2011 at Thinkspace Gallery. More after the jump…

Sketchbook: James Jean

By now, all AM readers should be familiar with James Jean (interviewed) mastery of the paintbrush, but did you know he does a pretty mean sketch as well? Every now and then, the LA-based Jean like to update his blog with his latest moleskin gems like the piece above entitled “Rust.” It’s always interesting to look at the details closely as these definitely seem to be more spontaneous compared to the planning that goes into his paintings. For those lucky enough to be at SDCC, […]

Sketchbook: Travis Louie

As we continue our series of sketchbook features, we move on to one of our favorite artists, Travis Louie (interviewed). Not only does Travis carry around a sketchbook full of his kick-ass sketches, he also has a journal where he writes the famous stories that go along with each of his paintings. Unbeknownst to most fans, the stories are written first and the paintings are based on ones he likes. Take a look some pics we took of his sketchbook after the jump.  You may […]

Sketchbook: Banksy

Last summer, AM flew out to the UK and took a road trip up to Bristol to visit Banksy’s exhibition at the Bristol Museum. As we mentioned, Banksy made an installation that replicated his studio and in that brilliant space, we realized that he had numerous pages from his sketchbook. Between chuckles, we zoomed in to take detail pictures of each one. From “No Ball Games” to “NOLA” to more that we’ve yet to see used, this edition of our sketchbook feature gives us a […]

Sketchbook: Josh Keyes – “Fragment”

Following up on a great opening at JLG, Josh Keyes posted up some additional photos of his creative process for the creation of his newest body of work “Fragment” – (covered). The images allow us to gain some access into the meticulous thought process Josh goes through before ever laying a brush on canvas. It’s incredibly insightful to see the all the notes and sketches that lead to the creation of many of the pieces that we saw at the show. We also note some of the […]

Sketchbook: Ian Francis

Time for another peek inside a sketchbook. “Practice makes perfect” and if the old axiom is true then it may explain Ian Francis’ crazy skills with the brush. Ever the passionate artist, Ian is constantly honing his concepts and technique with sketches and studies. As AM observed in our recent studio visit (here), Ian’s studio was littered (certainly didn’t look like “litter”) with numerous sketches of his fantastic landscapes and hypnotic characters. Mostly utilizing just charcoal and graphite for what he refers to as “simple doodles,” Ian […]

Sketchbook: Stella Im Hultberg

We had only recently started our new sketchbook feature which takes our readers back to what is often times the very beginning of an artist’s creative process. Conveniently for us, Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed) posted up some images of her sketches on her blog for all to enjoy.  Take a look there or after the jump at the ballpoint pen & brush pen produced gestural doodles.