Following up on a great opening at JLGJosh Keyes posted up some additional photos of his creative process for the creation of his newest body of work “Fragment” – (covered). The images allow us to gain some access into the meticulous thought process Josh goes through before ever laying a brush on canvas. It’s incredibly insightful to see the all the notes and sketches that lead to the creation of many of the pieces that we saw at the show. We also note some of the real life pictures/studies that inspired him to paint pieces like “Howl” and “Self Portrait – Old Man”.

If you look at the sketches carefully, you may even get a hint of what’s possibly coming up for future shows. More after the jump….

One interesting discussion we had with Josh Keyes at the opening is his possible inclusion of Panda Bears in future pieces. From the notes below we see some wonderful possibilities for the furry black and white quadrupeds. Check out the Panda doodle that Josh drew for us on his “Sprout” book!

Josh is a friend of Pandas...

Josh is a friend of Pandas...

Also to thank all of Josh’s fans for their support, David B. Smith Gallery has graciously donated one book (featured) to be given to one lucky reader of AM. To win, simply leave a comment (by 6pm PST Friday, February 19th) with an animal that you would like to see Josh paint sometime in the future.

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