He’s back – after a sold out showing at Ambach & Rice last year, Josh Keyes moves to tackle the Rockies at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. As hinted in our studio visit, the new show “Sprout” deals with the ever present tension between nature and the urban landscape. Josh’s new body of work draws on themes from Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us,” which illustrates Mother Nature reclaiming the Earth’s man-made structures and locales. The show will feature the largest Keyes painting (seen above) to date at a whopping 30″ x 80″! Continued after the jump..

We’re also excited to see Josh’s latest “interactive” installation piece “the Boli,” Josh’s sculptural interpretation of the hand-made artifact of the West African “Bamana.” The show opens, with Josh Keyes in attendance, on May 30th at 7pm and runs until July 3rd. Look for AM to bring you coverage from the Denver opening.

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