As promised in last month’s Josh Keyes teaser, AM continues with a preview of the much anticipated Josh Keyes’ show Mist at OKOK gallery this Saturday. We have obtained a couple new images to whet your appetite before Saturday’s opening. This highly awaited show offers at least 10 paintings and a rumored “butterfly” installation that should get the crowd buzzing!

Keyes’ theme for the show, Mist, stresses the delicate balance of the environment and its natural inhabitants. Central figures of the artwork showcased are the “Guardian” (hands of nature), Totem Poles (both literal and figurative), and his signature urban fixtures (mail box, fire hydrant, CCTV Camera, etc).

More photos after the jump.

Keyes is known for painting one piece each show that incorporates a notable point of interest in the city in which he is showing. At his previous show at Joshua Liner, Keyes created a stunning piece which contained a Wall Street icon: Di Modica’s Charging Bull. Little did Keyes know the ironic significance of his warning that even the most apparent icons can get outdated.

Show will run Oct 11th – Nov 2nd
OKOK Gallery
5107 Ballard Ave. N.W.
Seattle, WA 98107

With only a few more days till the exhibition, we leave you with the images that AM has gathered for you.

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